Monday, October 17, 2011

Nendoroid 68: Sebastian Michaelis

Time for another Nendoroid that was delayed until now! ^^

This time, I'll review Sebastian! Let's just see into his box!

His box design is probably the simplest design I've ever seen. It's a standard size box and it has no pattern on it, just the Kuroshitsuji logo on it. Sebastian's box is dominated with black and purple as you can see above. It suits him well =D

Move to the container!

As you can see, Sebastian doesn't bring many parts to play with. He only comes with:
  • 1 Sebastian body.
  • 3 face plates (1 attached).
  • 3 right arms (1 attached).
  • 2 left arms (1 attached).
  • 1 black cat.
  • Stand.
Yup, that's all Sebastian brings along with his box. If you buy Ciel, you'll get extra Sebastian's parts there such as a tea set and a hand with napkin because looks like Good Smile Company wants us to buy them both.

By the way, since his bootlegs are easily found every where, you should take a look on his stand so you can tell the difference between the bootleg and the original one. The genuine one has a proper copyright on the stand while the bootleg only has "MADE IN CHINA" written on it.

Sebastian with his parts.

Now I'll talk about his details and paint!

 Front view

His front view is quite nice although I'm not very pleased with its details. As you can see from the pictures, his Albert detail is a bit untidy, the paint isn't very neat. Plus, there's a little defect on it. I know it's the place for the black cat but seriously, no need to make it looks like a defect, right?

 Back view

I have no complain on his back view. The paint and details are neat. Good work.

 Sebastian with his serious face XD

 Ah~~~ The perfect butler face~~~

 Sebastian with his lovely cat~~~

The cat's details are pretty neat although its small size!

So, here's the conclusions about this Nendoroid. For a standard price Nendoroid (¥3500/$35/IDR 360.000), Sebastian doesn't bring many parts which is a bit disappointing since I hope he's given more parts to play with. Instead of giving all his parts along with his box, GSC decided to put the rest of his parts along with Nendoroid Ciel. The details and paint aren't too disappointing, except the fact that he has a little defect on the front part and the untidy Albert paint. Besides that, one thing that disappointed me the most is Sebastian's face plate isn't compatible with other Nendoroid because his are smaller than the usual Nendoroid has, which means you can't put other Nendoroid's face plate into his body. I've tried to attach Luka's face on his body and I almost ended up breaking Luka's joint =="

So, yeah... I'm not really satisfied with this collection of mine but as a Kuroshitsuji fan, this Nendoroid is good for my collection....

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  1. lucky you.. i get mine when it's already rare and become IDR 600.000 :'<