Monday, October 17, 2011

SeeU 2nd Demo Song

Long time no post on this blog, so before this blog seems to be a dead blog, here's a new post...

SBS artech finally has released SeeU second demo song more than 2 weeks ago and this time they decided to show SeeU's capability of singing by giving her a remix of a famous 2AM song. SeeU will be released on 21st October 2011 along with her Korean and Japanese voice bank.

Personal comments:
Well, another sample has been released. Looks like this time, they wanna show that SeeU is capable of singing in low notes (since her first demo song is sung in high notes). And again, I'm still disappointed with her avatar since until now, I still think that her appearance doesn't match with her voice at all. I don't mind if she sounds like a Korean girl, she's a Korean Vocaloid after all. But her appearance which doesn't match with her voice is quite annoying.... *sigh*

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