Saturday, September 10, 2011

Suzune Ring's Demo Song

A video of Suzune Ring's demo song is finally released! The video itself contains 2 songs preview using Ring's voicebank. The video also announces the event VOCALOID FESTA 03 and the second "Everyone's Vocaloid Project". As additional info, Suzune Ring is now also known as VFS-01/S

As you all might know, the winners of "Everyone's Vocaloid Project" (Minna Vocaloid no Keikaku/MinBoka/VocaloKeikaku) has been announced back then in May 2011 in the VOCALOID FESTA 02 (VOCAFES) which was sponsored by Wood Bell. All participants had the opportunity tu submit their own original illustration to be chosen as the design of upcoming Vocaloid. The two winners were Yuukari who designed Hibiki Lui and Muraichi who designed Suzune Ring. Until now, the voice provider of Hibiki Lui hasn't been decided yet, but MiKA from DaisyxDaisy is chosen to be Suzune Ring's voice provider.

Three months after the announcement, Wood Bell posted a video to Nico Nico Douga which contains the preview of 2 demo songs: "Yakimochi Tokidoki Hare no" and "Sweet Pain". Both songs are by Yuuhei Catharsis. The demo songs are actually a side-project by the soundmakers of doujin circle Yuuhei Satellite which known for their Touhou arranges. This song will be used in Minboka game, tentatively called "V・F・S". Further info and official name of the game will be revealed in VOCAFES 03.

And here's the additional info about Ring from the video: her headset design is based on piano and it also reminds of memory plug.

The full version of the 2 songs will be revealed in VOCAFES 03 as well as the further information about the second "Everyone's Vocaloid Project".  VOCAFES itself will be held tomorrow, September 11th, 2011.

Personal comments:
Yeah, another sample! I was so curious on how will she sound because from the very first time I saw Lui and Ring I can't wait to hear how they sing. Personally, I like her voice. It sounds natural, just like a real person's singing voice. And what makes me love her more is her voice mixes well with her appearance unlike SeeU which has a moe avatar with a not-so-cute voice. Cute appearance and cute voice. What else? Two thumbs up for Ring!

Source: Vocafes , HatsuneMikuMiku

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