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KAITO - Byakkoya no Musume

First, thanks a lot to my friend, Westly, who told me about this ^^ (without him I would never realize how good this song is!)

So, couple days ago, Westly told me about an anime he just bought titled Paprika. He said that the soundtrack of that anime titled "The Girl in Byakkoya" used Vocaloid voice. Feeling curious, I looked for more info and then I decided to listen the song. Then I find out that the song, "The Girl in Byakkoya" is actually "Byakkoya no Musume" which is one of the most famous cover songs of Kaito ^^

The original song is sung and composed by Susumu Hirasawa with background voice from Vocaloid Lola. This song is considered as the first anime soundtrack to use Vocaloid (besides this song, Lola is also used for several tracks in the soundtracks). The cover song is done by Bucchigiri-P, a composer who is well-known for composing skillful cover songs and the creator of famous Rin's song: "Noroi no Megane". He has also received the title "Legendary KAITO Master" and "Legendary Rin Master" in Nico Nico Douga ^^

The official English title is "The Girl in Byakkoya" although the title can be translated as "The Maiden of The White Tiger Field". Ah, by the way, The White Tiger Field really exists! It's a petroleum field in Vietnam.

Well, I won't say much about the anime and the song because I haven't watched it (yet) so I can't really understand the meaning of this song. But I really like this song and I do hope that someday I'll be able to watch the anime ^^;

Byakkoya no Musume

Orginally sung and composed by: Susumu Hirasawa
Lyrics: Susumu Hirasawa
Cover Composer: Bucchigiri-P
Vocal: KAITO


Tooku no sora mawaru hana no enjin no kamabisusisa ni
Ano hi ya ano hi ni koetekita bunki ga me wo samasu
Kagerou ni mi wo karite michi wo sasu musume wo oi
Takadai ni arawareta na mo shiranu hirono ha natsukashiku

Are ga yume de miseta machi to kage no koe ga sasayaita
Kuru hi mo kuru hi mo ikusen no bunki wo koeta toki
Kuragari no kennjin ga suterareta hibi wo atsume
Umi zoi ni umi zoi ni mimo shiranu honou wo odoraseta

Aa manntoru ga jozetsu ni hi wo hukiagete
Suterareta no ni tatsu hito wo iwau yo
Aa sizukana sizukana musume no shiya de
Aa mishiranu miyako ni hi ga tomori dasu

Takaku sora syu ni some hi no moeru gotoku no kumo moyou
Ano hi ya ano hi ya ano toki ni nakusita michi wo mise
Kurikaesi yume ni fuku kaze wo oi toki wo kudari
Kawa zoi ni kawa zoi ni mimo shiranu shihuku no hana wo mita

(repeat # twice)


In the distant sky, twirling flowers form a clamorous circle.
And it wakes up the turnig point you passed through on that day, on that day.
In a form of a shimmer, you chase the girl who points the way.
Then you find a nameless and nostalgic field on a hill.

"That is the city I let you see in your dream", whispered a shadow.
Day after day , day after day, when you have passed through countless turning points,
a sage in the dimness will collect discarded days.
Along the shore, along the shore, he makes an unknown flame dance.

Ah mantle loquaciously throws up a flame
to congratulate the person who stands on the abandoned field.
Ah in the girl's silent, silent view,
Ah lights begin to shine in the unseen city.

High up in the sky, dyed in vermillion, clouds arise like a fire burning.
It shows you the way you lost on that day, on that day.
Chasing the wind blowing repeatedly in your dream, you go down the flow of time.
Along the river, along the river, you saw an unknown flower of felicity.

(repeat # twice)

Translated and transliterated by mopuis

Download: Kaito's Version, Original Version

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  1. finally I can rest my suspense >.< but wat does rin say in the beginning 0.0?