Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hiiro no Kakera will Get Anime Adaptation

Finally, Hiiro no Kakera will get its anime adaptation as announced at Otomate Party that was held back then from 2nd July to 3rd July in Japan. The official Twitter account of Enterbrain's B's-LOG magazine has also confirmed this.

Unfortunately, that is the only thing we can know for now because more info will be provided in B's-LOG magazine's September issue which will be ship on 20th July. But since Hiiro no Kakera comes from Otomate which also make Hakuouki (which also got an anime adaptation), I think the seiyuu will be the same as in the game. And for what route they will use, there's a high possibility that they'll use Takuma's because he's the male lead character here.

Hm... for those who isn't familiar with this, here's the plot:
The heroine is Kasuga Tamaki, a 17 years old high school student who has to move to her grandmother's house in a mountain (yes, in the middle of it!) because both of her parents have to work in overseas. Right on the day she arrives at the mountain, she is attacked by strange monster, but lucky for her because there's a mysterious boy who saves her. Then, her grandmother tells her that she is actually the Tamayorihime, some kind of high priestess, which means she has to protect (or seal) a swords called Onikirimaru. And if she fails, the sword will destroy the world. But lucky again for her because she gets 5 (or 6 if you count Ryou) guardians, including Onizaki Takuma, the boy who saved her back then.

P.S: Same like Shashie-senpai's, I so hope that they'll use Fujita Maiko's songs for the opening and ending XDDD

Source: Endless Sky, Anime News Network

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