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~Indonesian Covers~ MUSATORI-P 【むさとりP】 DaunBawangMerahPutih

Picture by: MUSATORI-P 【むさとりP】

Ah~~~ my first Indonesian covers album review! First, let me apologize for my rudeness. Since this album has no cover (yet), I'm a bit confused what picture I should put on the review, so I grabbed the composer's picture from his facebook and edited it. Really, really sorry for my rudeness! T_T

Now, move to the review, shall we?

1. BALON!! (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • BALON!! (Balonku, or "My Balloon" in English) is actually one of the most popular Indonesian kids songs. This song starts with a unique tune, even I myself don't realize that this is BALON!! if I don't look at the playlist XD Then Miku starts singing BALON!! in Japanese and then she sings in Indonesian version in the middle of the song before she finally switches into Japanese again in the end. I like Miku's voice here, not too high-pitched,  but still sounds cute. Her Indonesian pronunciation is done very well! But too bad she doesn't say "DOR!!" when one of her balloon bursts XDDD
2.  Bengawan Solo (feat Hatsune Miku)
  • Bengawan Solo is a name of a famous river in Indonesia (I forgot the exact location, but I'm pretty sure it's near Solo) which is also a name of a famous Indonesian traditional song. When I heard this song, it sounds so Java! My music sense is almost zero but I'm pretty sure I heard angklung (Indonesian traditional music instrument) sound in this song! A calming track! Miku's voice blends well with this song. Not too high-pitched too. Perfect!
3.  Idul Fitri (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • This is also a cover song, I'm not very sure who is the original composer, but MUSATORI-P makes this song so well! Er... this is a song for Eid Mubarak that had just passed us. First, it sounds like a normal religious song, but near the end of the song, I can hear Miku's rants there XD She sings that she finds onion cookies but she doesn't find any leek cookies. She also goes upset when she finds out that everyone has eaten Opor (it's a traditional cuisine that usually served in Eid Mubarak in Indonesia) although it hasn't even done yet XD In the end of the song, she also apologizes if she has done anything wrong (we forgive you, Miku XD). I don't know whether the original songs also includes the rants part, but indeed this is must hear song! >.<
4. Indonesia Pusaka
  • This is one of Indonesian national songs. The lyrics itself is so beautiful (all Indonesian national songs has heart-touching lyrics!). The main thing in this song is about a person that will always love Indonesia and tell us that Indonesia is a great beautiful country. Another calming song and this is my favorite track in this album X3
5. Bintang Kecil/Chiisana Hoshii (feat. Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin)
  • Finally we can hear Rin's voice! Although the dominant singer is still Miku.... This is actually one of the most famous Indonesian kids song. MUSATORI-P translated this into the Japanese which sung by Miku while the Indonesian part is sung by Rin. Surprisingly, Rin's voice sounds good here! (Er... you know, many producers say that working with Rin needs extra patience) Love this song!!! XD
6. Indonesia Raya (feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, & Megurine Luka)
  • Indonesian national anthem!!! Sung by the girls, but dominants are Miku and Rin, Luka's voice is drown by her high-pitched sisters. The pronunciation is good, but I'm not very satisfied with this track because for me it doesn't sound "Wow" enough. It's more like a calming track, but I hope for a glorious national anthem. Still sounds good though ;)
7. Dangdut de chocobo (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Miku sings dangdut!!! What a surprise!!! I won't say much about this song, just hear that and feel the feel!!! XDDD I officially state this as a must hear song!
8. DaunBawang vs BawangMerah (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Believe it or not, this is a cover song of Ievan Polkka! XD Another rants from our diva. She complains about how she likes leek(Daun Bawang) but that person wants to eat onion (Bawang Merah), taht's why she rants. The funniest part is when she sings "Bawang sialan" ("Damn onion" in English). Seriously, hearing her rants is very funny (the way she rants is soooo cute! XDDDDD). A must hear track! X3
9.  Ibu Kita Kartini (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Kartini was the pioneer of women's emancipation in Indonesia. She is so famous until there's a song about her which becomes one of Indonesia national songs. Another calming track. Hm... for me this song has the best Indonesian pronunciation in this album. Miku's voice sounds good too, no high-pitched voice. Instead, she sings in a very soft tone. Love this track! >.
10. Pelangi-Pelangi (feat. Hatsune Miku)
  • Another cover for Indonesian kids song X3 I got no problem with Miku's high-pitched voice here, but I do want to complain because this song is TOO SHORT!!! T_T Maybe next time, the duration should be longer! This is an order from me! XDDD *slapped*
11.  Meltz Indonesian Ver. (Ku Meleleh)
  • A cover song from Meltz, from ryo. Basically this song is fully translated into Indonesian XDDD But what I don't like is Miku's pronunciation isn't as good as the previous tracks! It's kinda hard to hear what she says. But she says "Aku suka" ("I like [you]" in English, "suki na no" in the original lyrics) in a very clear pronunciation.
11 tracks! Overall, this is a very nice album. Not because it's rare to hear Miku and other Vocaloid sing in Indonesian, nut because this album is indeed nice. The only minus things are Indonesia Raya doesn't sound so glorious for me and a not-so-well pronunciation on the last track. My favorite tracks are Indonesia Pusaka, Ibu Kita Kartini, Bengawan Solo, and of course DaunBawang vs BawangMerah XDDDD

Hm... a bit suggestion, if this time MUSATORI-P only made cover songs, maybe next time he should try for original! XDDD

Click here if you want to download this album! ^^

P.S: Sorry for bad review. I know I got no talent in music so I reviewed this based on what I heard T_T Leave a comment if you find something wrong or wanna add suggestion about my review! >.<

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