Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nendoroid 93: Megurine Luka

After a long time, I finally decided to write another figurine review. But since I haven't gotten any new ones, I decided to review my old figurines which hasn't had any proper review ^^;

So today's blog will be about Nendoroid 93: Megurine Luka! >.<

 The box

As usual, about the box look first. I personally think nothing is special with her box. It's a standard-sized box, with white small box-shaped line as typical design for Vocaloid series. Now, let's move to her packaging!

As you see above, Luka doesn't bring many parts like other Nendoroid although her price is a standard price for a Nendoroid. She only brings:
  • 1 Megurine Luka body
  • 3 face plates (one attached)
  • 3 left hands (one attached)
  • 2 right hands (one attached)
  • 1 righ leg (attached)
  • 1 left leg (attached)
  • 1 extra leg (can be attached to left and right)
  • Nendoroid Petit Tako Luka
  • One stand
Wait? Nendoroid Petit?! Yes, that Tako Luka you're looking at is actually a Nendoroid Petit! You can attach her head to a Petit's body. And since she's a Petit, yes, she's detachable ^^;

Tako Luka and her parts

Back to Luka! Now let's see how good she is!

Her front look!

Her back is completely covered by her long pink hair ^^

 Luka looks cute in "Double Lariat" face ^^

 Singing face! It's not Vocaloid without this expression!

 Luka and Tako Luka ^w^

Now let's talk about her details! Her details isn't bad and quite well-detailed. You can see the details are very well painted, but mine has a little flakes on her arm ^^;
Her skirt is made from semi-soft PVC. Touch it and you'll know that her skirt is softer than any other parts of her body.

Her headphone details are awesome, too! It's painted neatly as I can't see any mess on it ^^

Overall, she's a very good Nendoroid! With her well detailed features, who won't say that she's not good? If you're a Vocaloid fan, then having her is a must! But unfortunately, Good Smile Company is being unfair and stingy towards Luka as they don't give her much parts to play with.... And her another minus side is her stand. To make her stand still, you have to put her lower skirt part onto the stand. And it's quite uncomfortable because her long skirt is made from semi-soft PVC. So be careful when you're placing her onto her stand because there's a high chance that she'll fall out. It's impossible to make her stand without her stand because her back is covered by her long hair and you can use her hair as a stand like you do with Miku. Plus, her legs are too small to sustain her body >.>

But like I already said, she's a worth collection for Vocaloid fans! By the way, about her price. She costs ¥3500 (about $35 or IDR 350.000) each. She can be considered quite expensive because she doesn't bring many parts. But I think her high price is caused by a Petit Tako Luka ^^;

By now, I think her price is increasing to $40 (about IDR 400.000) to $50 (about IDR 500.000) or even more. Of course like other Nendoroid, her price will keep increasing due to her rarity. I myself got her for IDR 400.000 (about $40, I bought her on August 2010). If you want her, grab her fast before she becomes even more expensive XDDDD

That's all the review!!! >.<

Luka and tako Luka in front of her box XD

End notes: this is my first time to do a figurine review using English. If you find any mistakes on this post, please tell me immediately! And sorry for the dark images, I only got a pocket camera and low-light. I'll try harder on my next review ^^;

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