Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mikunopolis in LA Review

Finally I managed to get a downloaded video for Mikunopolis! Yeah, it took so damn long for a review because I couldn't go to LA because I got no money. And I just found the download link lately. I thought it'd be easy to find it on YouTube but thanks to all that copyright-freaks, I ended up downloading it somewhere else. Nah, enough chit-chat here and let's move to the review....

After I watched the entire concert, I come to one conclusion that this concert is almost the same as 39's Giving Day on 2010. That means that almost all the songs that was sung have the same choreography with 2010 concert, but they changed the arrangement a bit, I guess. Oh, and there's 2 new songs in the concert: 1/6 and World End Dance Hall (English Version). But one thing I love about this concert is THE NEW COSTUMES!!! Yup, new costumes here! And guess what?! FINALLY THEY GAVE LUKA A COSTUME!!!!!!

Miku and Luka performing World End Dance Hall. Oh, Luka looks stunning in that costume, admit it!!!

 Miku waving her hand when she appears to perform World End Dance Hall

 Miku in Romeo and Cinderella... looks somewhat mature and stunning!

 Miku appears for Saihate, nice sakura petals!

The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku. Hm... the costume looks like ANTI THE HOLIC for me... What do you think?

Rin with her MELTDOWN costume!

Overall, I love that they adding some new costume here. This concert isn't as long as 39's Giving Day, so I think it needs more than 2 new songs to rock LA XD
And as you see from those pictures above, yes, this time SEGA finally takes the role back and they use transparent screen again! I got no problem with the 3D graphic (although I feel that Rin's part is a bit rigid), but I heard that the graphic is smoother that 39's Giving Day. Too bad the good graphic doesn't give much interaction with the crowds like in Mikupa 2011. The only interactions are Miku's waving hand and greeting in English. It's still a good concert compare to Mikupa, though....

Miku performing Clover Club

Energetic Miku in Poppippo

 Miku singing Moon, looks cute, more mature, and stunning all at the same time!

 Len in Migikata no Chou. Hey, am I the only one who thinks that he looks more shota than in 39's Giving Day?

 Rin and Len performing Migikata no Chou. Always look good together!

 Rin in Roshin Yuukai -MELTDOWN-. Looks stunning than usual!

 Miku performing SPiCA

 Cute, right?

Now, the tracklist:
  1. Project Diva desu!
  2. World is Mine
  3. Electric Angel
  4. Vocaloid in Love
  5. Clover Club
  6. PoPiPo
  7. Romeo and Cinderella
  8. Two Faced Lovers
  9. Puzzle
  10. VOiCE
  11. 1/6
  12. moon
  13. The Disappearance of Miku Hatsune
  14. Butterfly On Your Right Shoulder
  15. Nuclear Reactor -MELTDOWN-
  16. Just Be Friends
  17. World’s End Dancehall (English)
  18. From Y to Y
  19. Saihate -The Furthest Ends-
  20. Finder
  21. SPiCA
  22. Ai Kotoba
  23. StargazeR
  24. Hajimete no Oto
Note: the concert starts with 2 Danceroid performing dances with Vocaloid songs. Those Danceroid are real girls, just in case you think that they're just 3D graphic =P

24 songs! Shorter than 39's Giving Day and Mikupa, but like I said, it's a good concert ^^

Click here to download it!


  1. dari mikupa ke mikunopolis... porsi Len menurun drastis T__T

  2. Yah... apa boleh buat, ini kan mirip banget sama 39's Giving Day, lagunya aja lebih dikit T_T

  3. iya sih... yaudah deh siapa tau next concert isinya kagamine semua /ngaco/ XDD

  4. Berdoa dulu SEGA tiba-tiba falling in love sama si kembar kuning XD