Monday, June 20, 2011

New Vocaloid3 Design: Lui and Ring

Finally, some newbies will join the Vocaloid Family! As you can see from the picture, the left one is Hibiki Lui and on the right is Suzune Ring (but in the picture the name order is Ring Suzune). Lui and Ring were actually born from "Everyone's Vocaloid Project", a competition for people to design their own Vocaloid. And the design of them has been chosen. The original designs are like these:

 Lui original design by Yuukari

Ring design by Muraichi
Ring's original name is Suzuone Ring, but shorten into Suzune for some reason.

Ring's voice will be provided by Mika, a member of Daisy x Daisy. She ever worked with 40mP to produce "Evidence", Fairy Tail opening theme and she also has worked with DECO*27 on Bouei Honnou. Ring software will be released in Winter-Spring 2012 during the Vocafes. While Ring's voice provider has been chosen, Lui's voice hasn't been decided yet, but the release date is the same as Ring's.

By the way, here are some mentioned design on that project:

コブシキク (Kobushi Kiku), the one that will be used as VY1.

時音ノコ (Tokine Noko)

66 (ロロ) (Roro), this one will be VY2.

祈音リル (Inorine Riru)

サヨ (Sayo)

静音サヤ (Shizune Saya)


All the designs above, besided Lui and Ring, are the designs before refinement and they will be used as mascots for Vocafest.

Source: Miku Zen

Personal comments:
Oh well, another Vocaloids and mascots are coming up! But I'll say once again, so far, no Vocaloid3 characters really "wow" me. I think no one as cute as Miku and Rin, no one as shota as Len, no one as mature and cool as Luka.... It's kind of... disappointing. For me, besides the voice, the look is also important. I think it will be a hard task for YAMAHA its own record with Miku by Vocaloid3....


  1. I gotta agree with the "fact" that Vocaloid 2 series are better than Vocaloid 3... They will rule forever!!!X3 (It is just my opinion... no offence)

  2. Yup... I personally think that Vocaloid3 does give us a more natural voice, but less character in it while Vocaloid2 sounds not too natural but it has more character! ^^