Monday, June 20, 2011

KAITO Append and Gumi Extend Demo

Yeah! Finally I got this on YouTube! I know it's a bit late, but enjoy!!!

Kaito Append Soft Sample:

からくり時計と恋の話 (Karakuri Tokei no Hanashi)
Composer: Wonderer-P

I personally think that Kaito's voice sounds softer here, but it still sounds Kaito enough and it sounds clearer than the usual Kaito!

If Crypton Future Media has Append, then Internet Co. Ltd. has extend! The first Vocaloid from Internet Co. Ltd. to receive Append is Megpoid a.k.a Gumi. There will be 4 Extend: Power, Whisper, Adult, and Sweet. But only Power and Whisper that has been given sample. Here they are!!!

This one is so special, Gumi Extend by BuzzG. The title is Matsuri Bayashi.

I like Power Extend of Gumi! The Whisper one sounds too soft for me, but since it only sample, I hope they will make that sounds better ^^;

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