Monday, June 20, 2011

More About Vocaloid3

 Vocaloid3 interface.

After hearing about Kitamura Eri and Lia will be voice providers for Vocaloid3, I decided to search more about this and share what I have found. Here it is...

Seems like Vocaloid3 is having an expansion in language section such as Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. Here's a video of female Korean voice. The voice provider is Kim Tahi, who is a part of an idol group GLAM which will start its debut in August.

And about the Vocaloid3 character, besides CUL, surprisingly Surferparadise and Studio Deen is having a project called i-style project.

And for other Vocaloid3, it has been confirmed that there will be 2 English Vocaloid from Zero-G and 1 more from PowerFX.

Source: Miku Zen & Vocaloidism

Personal opinion:
Well, I'm glad that finally YAMAHA will release this on 30th September, which means we all can hear Vocaloid3 soon. But about the character design, I dunno why, but I prefer Miku.....

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