Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kitamura Eri and Lia to be Voice Provider for Vocaloid3

YAMAHA already confirmed about the upcoming Vocaloid product: Vocaloid3 on last Wednesday event. It is mentioned that CUL, Vocalo Revolution Mascot that voiced by Kitamura Eri will be released as Vocaloid3. Kitamura Eri is a Japanese seiyuu (voice actor) that is well-known for her role as Otonashi Saya in Blood+ and Yui in Angel Beats!. For more information about her notable roles, click here.

Kitamura Eri and CUL

Besides Kitamura Eri, there is Lia, a Japanese singer that famous as the singer of Air and Angel Beats! soundtrack that will be a voice provider for Vocaloid3.

The two characters that take Kitamura Eri's and Lia's voice will be developed by Internet Co. Ltd. And as additional info, it is also mentioned that the upgrade version of Megpoid (GUMI) by Nakajima Megumi will be released as Vocaloid3. Both YAMAHA and all Vocaloid developers hope that Vocaloid3 will be a successful product such as Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid2. Even YAHAMA already claimed that Vocaloid3 has the most realistic sound ever. Vocaloid3 itself will be released on 30th September this year.

This is the video...

Source: Kaori Nusantara & Miku Zen

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