Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Hosting

Well, I'm running out of topic again! And yesterday, I accidentally remembered about my accounts on other blog hosting. You know, before I decided to use Blogger, I already tried so many other hosting. So today, I'll be giving my opinion about them! (Or maybe mini review?)

1. Blogger

Yeah, as you all know, this is my favorite blog hosting ever. The main reason why I use blogger is because Blogger is easy to use. Even beginner can use this easily. It's so easy to manage your blog here. Blogger also provides Template Designer which allows you to design your blog as you like. You can also design it with HTML code. The latest Blog Editor is also good. And with Blogger, you can also follow other Blogger. Plus, Blogger also allows you to add many things on your blog such as Java Script or flash video. For those who like to add things like me (just see my sidebar), you'll love Blogger.

But there's one thing I don't like from Blogger. It doesn't provide emoticons or special characters in the editor. To insert some characters like hearts (♥), you must search the HTML first (with Google). And to insert your own designed banner, you must know the width pixel first or else, your banner might be bigger and unfit. By the way, since Blogger is now Google's, you have to use Gmail to blog on Blogger.

2. Wordpress

Yeah, I have a Wordpress account. I don't use Wordpress because I think it's to complicated for beginner like me. It's kinda confusing to use at first time. My Senpai who use Wordpress said it is true that Wordpress might be confusing for beginners, but you'll get used to it. But unfortunately, I'm not that diligent to make myself used with Wordpress. And as far as I know, you can't add flash into the sidebar, but you still can add things like banner into it.

Still, there's something I like about this hosting. It provides special characters and emoticons in its blog editor. I admit that Wordpress' blog editor is much better than Blogger's. There's also a lot of nice templates on Wordpress. And if you wanna use your own banner, you don't have to worry about the size because you'll crop it on Wordpress. If you like simple templates, use Wordpress!


My first opinion about this hosting: THIS IS SO MUCH ALIKE WITH WORDPRESS! Can you see that dashboard look? It's just like Wordpress' twin. Since it's so much like Wordpress, the features are all the same. The difference is the name. I don't know if is owned by Wordpress or something. Anybody knows? 

4. Tumblr

FYI, I'm still active in Tumblr. In Tumblr, you can post many things like text, photos, and videos, but in different style. The editor is simple. I love Tumblr. But for me, it's not a place to write a journal, it's more like a sharing site. You can share things there and you can reblog other's posts. You can find many funny things and awesome pictures in Tumblr. There's so many templates, too! You can also add HTML code into your introduction part. So IMO, Tumblr is fun!

4. LiveJournal

I ever made an account in LJ, but I don't use it because for me LJ is more for community activity than a blog hosting site. And somehow I really can't make myself get used with LJ. The templates are too simple to my likes. But still LJ is a good place to find information and community!

5. DeviantArt

As you all already know, DeviantArt or DA for short is a heaven for pictures! You can find nice pics with awesome illustrations there. Besides as a photos sharing site, DA also provides journal. Its journal allows you to use many templates, including anime-themed templates! Unfortunately, I'm no good at drawing so I don't use DA except for searching pictures. But its journal worth a try!

6. Xanga

Some of you might haven't known about this one. But yeah, I do have an account there although I don'u use it. The main reason why I don't really like Xanga is because it's too simple for me. But I'm sure simplicity lovers will like this. There's also one thing I like about Xanga: its emoticons! Yup! Xanga provides emoticons and special characters in it! And there's some pink-colored emoticons for those who wanna leave comments. I bet girls will like those emoticons....

7. FC2 BLOG (FC2ブログ)

FC2 Blog is a service from FC2, a hosting from Japan. It's the second most popular blog hosting in Japan. To use this, you must register into FC2 first. Besides blog hosting, FC2 also provides other services like web hosting, clap button, image resizing tool, etc. And besides Blogger, I have one active blog here.By the way, although it's from Japan, it provides service in other language such as English, Chinese, Spain, Germany, etc. So don't worry about the language. I like FC2 Blog because it provides many emoticons in its editor (seems like all Japanese blog hosting provides many emoticons). Besides, the templates are also nice. Simple yet interesting. You can also add free area to insert things in your blog. FC2 Blog provides many plugins.

The minus side from this hosting is it often uses HTML to edit your template and other things. For example to change your banner, you have to change it with its CSS. It's kinda difficult for beginner. And too sad that it only gives us 1GB of space to upload things like photos or videos....

8. Ameba Blog (アメーバブログ)

Ameba is the most popular blog hosting in Japan with more than 600.000 users. But unlike FC2, Ameba is in Japanese only. I don't use Ameba although I have its account because it uses 100% Japanese (with very little katakana or hiragana). So for those who is beginner with Japanese, using Ameba will be difficult. But for those who like emoticons, Ameba is a heaven. It provides emoticons, including Japanese Kaomoji. And just like other Japanese blog hosting, Ameba also have simple yet interesting templates.

9. Yaplog! (ヤプログ!)

Yaplog is the 6th most popular blog hosting in Japan. And like Ameba, it's in Japanese only. But for me, it's a lot easier for beginner because for settings and menu it uses a lot of katakana. It also gives you a lot of cute emoticons and cute templates. It's a nice try if you wanna blog in 100% Japanese blog hosting. 

That's all I know and I've ever tried! For additional info, here's top ten Japanese blog hosting based on the users amount:

1. アメーバブログ (Ameba blog) / 666,875
2. FC2ブログ (FC2 blog) / 392,776
3. Yahoo!ブログ (Yahoo! blog) / 227,91 4. ライブドアブログ (Livedoor blog) / 183,261
5. goo ブログ (goo blog) / 116,690
6. ヤプログ! (Yaplog!) / 114,580
7. JUGEM / 114,325
8. 楽天ブログ (Rakuten blog) / 107,257
9. Seesaaブログ (Seesaa blog) / 76,412
10. ココログ (Cocolog) / 70,336
Source: Yahoo! Answer

Anybody knows anything else?


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