Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Dream Cellphones

I used to think that a cellphone that suited my desire is Sony Ericsson W995....

It was one of the best Walkman series I've ever known. 12 Megapixels of built-in camera, large screen, nice sound quality, nice Internet connection with wi-fi, and of course, nice model to look at. Isn't this cellphone nice?

Yeah, it was nice.... But it's not nice enough right now....

Right now, I'm really amazeb by Docomo. What is Docomo? Well, all of us (including me) must be thingking that it's a cellphone brand from Japan. Actually, no. It's not a cellphone brand. It's a cellphone operator from Japan. It's just like Telkomsel, Indosat, or Esia in Indonesia. A mobile phone operator. Docomo itself stands for "do communications over the mobile network". Docomo also can be translated as "anywhere" in Japan. So, how could it provides cellphone? This is how it works, Docomo does a cooperation with some cellphone brands such as Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, etc. No wonder it also gives you the cellphone complete with the mobile service. I'm not very good at explaining things, but this is the main idea: it's a mobile phone opeerator which cooperate with some cellphone brands. Got it? To know more about this, you can visit Wikipedia: NTT DoCoMo and Docomo Global Website, or NTT Docomo Japanese Website.

And when I saw their products, my eyes stopped at these two models....

First,  Docomo Prime Series SH-01C. From the name and specification, looks like it's from Sharp. So, no need for further explanation, this one is great. I've read the specs, and it's not bad. I really wanna have a cellphone with that large screen!

Then, the second, also from the same series, SH-10C. It looks so similiar with the previous one...

Since it says "Aquos" I'm very sure this one is Sharp! Not just large screen, just look at the picture and see what that screen can do. It makes me so damn envy....

Sadly, those two cellphones are available in Japan only. I'm really, really, really jealous with Japanese. They can own such a cellphone T_T

I also have an interest in this one!

It's Sharp 940HS. Read the specs here. Now I just realize that Sharp produces a lot of nice cellphone. But sadly, the only mobile phone from Sharp that came to Indonesia was only this one, and it didn't gain much attention back then...

Sharp WX-A92

I think the main reason why cellphone like this won't get much attention is because the high price. Sharp cellphones cost at least IDR 7.000.000 (about $700). Those Docomo cost at least IDR 9.000.00~10.000.000 (about $1000). It's not too much for foreigners, but for us who live in a cursed yet beautiful country named Indonesia, yes, it is so expensive. I myself won't be able to purchase one of them even if I save my allowance for a year T_T

By the way, all my dream cellphones aren't touchscreen. Honestly, I don't really like touchscreen. It's not very comfortable for me. My fingers are too big to type on it (well, this is embarrassing!). And seems to me touchscreen phones need "extra" care. I like simple cellphone with good Internet connection and large screen. I'm not really interested in BlackBerry but I admit I'm pretty interested in Android, but most of Android phones use touchscreen. Sadly, although I have so many dreams, now I'm stuck with Sony Ericsson T700. It's not a bad one, but it has small screen (only 2').... Q_Q

I want those cellphone! I really hope someday I can buy cellphone like that! >.<

By the way, to see more awesome cellphones from Docomo, click here and get ready to look at them T_T

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