Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mikunopolis: Hatsune Miku Live in Los Angeles!

Finally, Miku and some other Vocaloids from Crypton Future Media will hold a concert in Los Angeles (LA)!!! Big things, right?!!! Miku in USA!!!! \\(^O^)//

The official name of the concert has been announced as "Mikunopolis". The concert itself will be held at Anime Expo 2011 which is located at LA Convention Center from 1st July to 4th July. Plus, on 2nd July, she will be performing in NOKIA Theatre with sponsorship from Toyota.

Unlike Mikupa 2011, this concert will be based from 39's Giving Day 2010 with some improvements. And relax, this time SEGA will do the CGI, so don't worry about it (at least I believe SEGA won't use manual black screen like 5bp). And there will be some guests stars, they are: Hiroyuki Itou (Crypton Future Media Inc. CEO), Wataru Sasaki, Onyx Kobayashi, Toshihiro Fukuoka, and the DANCEROID. Plus Danny Choo will be there as the MC!

And so sorry, I don't really know much about ticketing. All I know is the ticket has been sold since 2nd June and seems like it's now SOLD OUT T_T

By the way, here's some staffs name for Miku's Tour in LA!

The 39’s (The Thanks)
Jun Abe(Key/Pf) 安部 潤
Akitoshi Kuroda(G) 黒田 晃年
Shingo Tanaka(B) 田中 晋吾
Shin Orita(Dr) 折田 新
Katsuro Uno(Manip) 宇野 克郎
and more

Hiroshi Utsumi(SEGA) 内海 洋
Takayasu Kuroda (CreativES/INTERNET INDEPENDENT) 黒田 貴泰
Mitsuyuki Saikawa(TOKYO MX) 齋川 光行
Creative Producer
Makoto Osaki(SEGA) 大崎 誠

Creative Director
Kenshiro Morii(STUDIO MORIKEN)森井ケンシロウ
Executive Producer
Hiroyuki Itoh(Crypton Future Media) 伊藤 博之

Hosted by:

Do a visit to the official site by clicking here for more info! ^^


  1. Wah, terus kalo tiketnya abis, bakal ada live streaming dari konsernya ga?
    Tolong ya kak Stella, saya SANGAT mengandalkan informasi yang saya dapat dari blog anda! *hormat*

  2. Tenang aja, ada ga ada live streaming, biasanya pasti ada di YouTube kok ^^;

    Btw, thanks udah mampir ke sini ^^ *bows*

  3. Hidup YouTube~! Semoga ada di YouTube! >o<

  4. ad tp di remove terus di youtubeny

  5. iya sih.... kayaknya karena nggak boleh deh ngapload live concertnya! tapi kayaknya bisa nonton live steraming-nya!

    ya sudah lah.... siapa tau nanti kalo udah agak lama ada yang gak di remove~