Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gackt to Sing 2 Gakupo's Songs for Single in July 2011

In June 2009, Gackt announced "GACKPOID CONTEST" which challenged all Gackpoid/Gakupo users in Nico Nico Douga (NND) to create a song using the Gackpoid software. The producer who won the challenge will be given 10 million yen as the prize, and moreover, the song that he chose will be released as a single in 13th July 2011. NND also has announced this event in Nico Nico Daikagi 2011 in Taiwan.

And finally, on May 2011, he announced in his site the song that will be released as a single is "Episode. 0" from mathru@KanimisoP as the original creator and as the runner up, there is "Paranoid Doll" by SCL Project. Although Episode. 0 is the winner, Gackt already stated that Paranoid Doll will be also included in the single. For additional information, Episode. 0 will be Gackt's 39th single.

The limited first pressing of the single will include a DVD which features Gackt makes a live-action version of the Episode. 0 music video. The song list in both limited and regular edition will be the same. About the cover CD, it will be done by Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk who also made Gakupo illustration for his box. The ringtone version also can be downloaded in dwango.jp in near future.

Here's the video about the announcement of Gackt's new single will come from Vocaloid Songs, announced by Gackt himself.

By the way, I already found the music video of Episode.0 by Gackt in YouTube. Enjoy! (But the single hasn't been released yet, remember this!)

Source: Anime News Network, Asian+

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