Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Pictures of Prototype figma Racing Miku 2011

I just browsed at figma blog on Ameba and found this! It's still a prototype, means it hasn't been colored yet. But, enjoy! ^^

 Lovely Miku with her parasol (and her smile, of course) XD

 More stunning smile!

Nice pose!

Although I think she's not like what I expected, still she looks very good. I love her hair sculpture! I'm not into her expression, but I admit that her smile is stunning. I also like the parasol, suit her as a racing queen XD

If I got more money, I'll definitely buy her, sadly, I can't because her price is too expensive for me T_T

For more info, visit figma blog at Ameba! There's also figma Mato there! ^^

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