Monday, June 27, 2011

Pre-painted figma Racing Miku First Win ver. Spotted!

Thanks a lot from Fera-san who posted this on Facebook! As you all can see, now we can look at figma Racing Miku 2011 First Win ver. although it hasn't been painted yet. This figma will be released on December 2011 with cheapest bundling at 7000 yen. No international shipping available, so if you wanna purchase her, make sure you have extra money! XD

I'm sure this will help those who are confused whether to buy her on not. This will help you decide! After I saw this, honestly, I'm not really interested anymore because her looks is not what I expected. I was expecting for a mature yet cute look, but (honestly), this Miku doesn't look beautiful enough for me. I'd prefer her Nendoroid to her figma. Well, this is my opinion, though. What about you? XD

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