Friday, April 15, 2011

Triela 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

Yeah, I found this when I liked a page in facebook and somebody asked about Triela's figure Pre-Order. He said that Triela (from Gunslinger Girl) 1/8 scale figure was first announced on December 2009 by Good Smile Company, but it looks like the release of this figure is canceled now. I mean, it was announced on December 2009 and still no Pre-Order until now?

From what I have searched from Internet, this PVC figure might have been canceled or it's not on the top priority. As you all know, it seems like GSC is focusing on BRS Project right now, so it's so possible that they delay this figure or even cancel this T_T

As a fan of Gunslinger Girl, I do hope that GSC won't cancel this figure! By the way, this is a slight information about Triela PVC:
  • Series: Gunslinger Girl
  • Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
  • Category: PVC
  • Specification: 1/8 Scale PVC figure
  • Sculptor: Masaki Yuusuke
That's all I know about this PVC figure, since it's a 1/8 scale figure, if this will be released, I think the price will be around 6000 to 14800 yen, but I do hope that it won't be that expensive. It's a simple 1/8 scale figure, so I think it won't reach 9000 yen. But I think before I worry the price, I should worry the figure first. Is it cancel or not? Let's just hope it's just being delayed.....

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