Monday, February 07, 2011

Synchronicity Part 3 in Progress?

When I browsed the Internet, I got a happy news (or perhaps still a rumor?) about Synchronicity Series. It's said that the third chapter is already in progress and we have to wait a while until it finished.
It's said like this:
シンクロ は じっくり 作っ て おります ので, もう しばし お待ち を ~ ^ w ^ b
We create Synchronicity carefully, wait a little ^ w ^ b
3 シンクロ の 章 は, 現在 制作 中 です ので, いま しばらく お待ち を ^ ^ w
Chapter 3 of Synchronicity is being produced, we must now wait a little while ^ w ^
Well, at least there's still a hope that Hitoshizuku didn't cancel this awesome series \\(^O^)//
For further info, do a visit to Hitoshizuku's blog. ^^

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