Sunday, February 06, 2011

Luka and B★RS Celebrating Chinese New Year?

I took this photo in Chinese New Year XD (Yup, I still had time to open the box and played with them for a while)

Look! It's an ang pao! XDDD
Open that!!!! 

BRS: Geez... Just IDR 5000 -___-" *disappointed*
Luka: But it's still money.... *adimiration*
Tako Luka: Smells good XDDD

Now I regretted that I only took 2 photos of them! T_T
I had no idea about the story so I got them in the box again. Just after I did that, there's a good story in my head, but I was to lazy to open their box again T_T
Maybe I should buy more nendoroid, the more the merrier XDDDDD

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