Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

First, sorry for my lack sense of picking pictures... ORZ

The time is 00:02 on my laptop, so I guess I have to say Happy Chinese New Year!!! ^^
I hope luck and prosperity will ALWAYS be with us! ^^
And may this rabbit year also give us good health, peace, happiness, and all the good things! ^^

Although my family didn't do much to celebrate it, New Year is a New Year, right? XD
Since my relationship with my aunt isn't good at all, I definitely won't receive any ang pao from my relatives this year, because I simply won't visit my relatives. If I did, my aunt would give me her "evil-glare" and it would be so uncomfortable. (But I'm happy enough cause I already received an early ang pao from my dad a few days ago >=3)

And maybe I should add more rabbit, Len doesn't look like a rabbit at all XDDD (but I think Rin looks a bit like a rabbit with her big white ribbon XD)

Image source: Zastavki

 Image source: Cheeky Leopard

 Image source: Kaorinusantara

 Image source:

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