Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nendoroid Snow Miku: Snow Playtime Edition

I want this! Nendoroid Snow Miku new version! >.<
I'm not a big fan of Miku, but I can't deny that she looks so cute here!

 Snow Miku with Ryougi Shiki's face! >.<

 I think it's BRS' face XD

 Geez, I hope I own all of them! >.<

 Wow... she even can move better than BRS with that new stand style!

It's an ice tray! >.<

I wanna have this nendoroid! The price is 4000 Yen, but unfortunately, an online shop sells it for IDR 750.000,- (about 7500 Yen if 1 Yen = Rp 100,-) T_T
So expensive, right? I wanna buy it if the online store sells it for IDR 500.000 but IDR 750.000 is another matter.... *sigh*

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