Saturday, January 29, 2011

High School of the Dead

Genre: Action, Drama, Horror
Rating: 17+
Director: Tetsuro Araki
Original Creator: Daisuke Satou (story) & Shoji Sato (art)
Character Design: Masayoshi Tanaka
Animation Production: Madhouse Studios

Plot Summary:
One day, Komuro Takashi, a high school student saw a teacher is bitten by a zombie. Soon after, the zombie pandemic spreads through Fujimi High School, the entire city, even the entire world. In this situation, Komuro urges his childhood friend whom he likes, Miyamoto Rei, and her boyfriend, Igou Hisashi. Actually, Komuro likes Rei, even made a promise to marry when they're still little kids, but he has no courage to confess so Rei is having a relationship with Hisashi. Unfortunately, in the try to escape from the zombies, Hisashi is bitten and when the wound is getting worse, he asks Komuro to kill him so he won't be a zombie and still a human until the end. After Hisashi's death, Rei is shocked but has no choice but keep running and fighting the zombies. While trying to get out of the high school, they met Takagi Saya, Hirano Kouta, Busujima Saeko, and their teacher (school nurse to be exact), Marikawa Shizuka. Together, they fight and run from the zombies, trying to find a safe place and search for their remaining family member.

Actually, it's an old anime and I'm so damn late to review this. But since this will be my opinion, so I think it's okay to review this.

First, I like the story although zombie-themed anime and movie is common, but High School of the Dead (HOTD) is capable to give the audience horror, comedy, drama, even fanservice (yup, boys' gonna love this). But I must admit that sometimes the fanservice given is so boyish, just look at the character design and you'll see why XD
Once I watch the first episode, I feel like I wanna keep watching it! Their way to escape from the zombies is cool, especially Kouta's way to use guns! (Yay!!! Don't underestimate otaku!) The sadistic and bloody scenes are superb too! Not just a good story, the animation quality is also good (and smooth and stable, good job!) Plus, OP and ED songs are awesome too. The jokes given isn't lame at all, love it. Character development is also well done, no weird development. I mean, all the characters finally could develop through one episode to another. And please note, with all of the fanservice and sadistic scene, this anime is obviously not for children!

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