Monday, January 17, 2011

Amayumerou Will Have a Sequel? (Or a Prequel?)

I just found this when I searched some pics in pivix (Suzunosuke's pivix, to be exact).

I'm pretty sure that the girl in red is Meiko and the man who's holding painting tools (for me it looks like painting tools) is maybe Kaito. My question is: what will happen in this song? O.o
I mean, in Amayumerou, Len takes Miku away but in the picture he's with Meiko, and the picture of him and Miku appears as.... background =="

Seriously, I hope Hitoshizuku will release this at Nico Nico Douga, and I hope Suzunosuke will draw more pictures about this song. (I don't know how to read the title ORZ). This is gonna be interesting! >.

If you want to know about the preview of this song, it's in STORIA. This song is placed right after Amayumerou =)

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