Saturday, December 04, 2010

Bleach Gekijouban: Jigoku Hen

After a long waiting, the fourth movie of Bleach, titled Bleach Gekijouban: Jigoku Hen (in English Bleach: Hell Chapter) had been released in Japan today, December 04, 2010. Directed by Noriyuki Abe while the screenplay is written by Natsuko Takahashi, Ookubo Masahiro, and Tite Kubo himself as the author of  Bleach manga. Tite Kubo also overseeing the production as usual. The theme song for this movie is "Save The One, Save The All", sung by T.M Revolution (released on December 01, 2010).

The story of this movie involves Hell, a place for people who had committed many crimes and sins in their life. Shinigami isn't allowed to go there. But one day, the prisoners rebel and they escape to Karakura town where Ichigo and friends live. Unexpectedly, Ichigo and friends are defeated by the powerful prisoners. A mysterious man named Kokutoo appears and luckily, he saves Ichigo and his friends. With the assistance of Kokutoo, Ichigo and friends go to the Hell to save the world. But Kokutoo gives Ichigo a warning that he musn't use his Hollow power in Hell or he will lose control of his body and never be able to return.

Well, finally the fourth movie is here. The story is not bad, actually it makes me feel somewhat curious. I wonder how Ichigo will fight without his Hollow power, since as far as I know, his Hollow is his greatest power ever... And who is Kokutoo? Why does he help Ichigo? And what's wrong with Hell? It's pretty interesting, I guess. But I hope this movie won't disappoint me again =)
Oh, and I hope there will be more Byakuya-sama in this movie! >.<


  1. kapaaaan movie byakuya dibikin -______-
    perasaan dari dulu ga jauh" soal ichigo,ichigo, n ichigo mulu
    paling banter diamond dust nya hitsugaya sama fade to black nya rukia
    byakuya nya kapaaaaaaan???!!!!! :madmad:

  2. Tau tuh, staff Bleach ga adli! X(
    Di Diamond Dust juga ujung-ujungnya Ichigo juga yang banyak nongol T_T
    Apa udah pada rabun? Masa ga sadar Byakuya-sama itu lebih bishie n komersil kebanding Ichigo? *sewot*

    Mungkin seluruh fans Byakuya-sama kudu demo dulu ke Tite Kubo, kalo perlu ngancem supaya ada movie buat Byakuya-sama, paling ga di manga ada dia gitu XDDDD *ngarep*