Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese Vocaloid Announced

After Japanese, Korean, English, and Spanish Vocaloid3, finally it's time to Chinese Vocaloid3. Her design comes from the winner of Vocaloid: China Contest.

Her not yet official name is Yayin Gongyu. She's 15 years old. Her name "Gongyu" (宫羽) is derived from ancient Chinese music notes (like do-re-mi nowadays) while "Yayin" (雅音) means elegant sound. Her voice provider is a female otaku named Shan Xin. There is a plan that she will ne redesigned by illustrator ideolo. She's scheduled to be released on 12th June 2012.

Website: Vocaloid China

Some personal comments from me, her design is cute although she doesn't look like 15. Maybe they should reduce her age to 12 or something. And her voice~~~ It's so cute and match her appearance. It sounds like Rin but she also has some Miku's air in it ^^

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