Sunday, January 22, 2012

And The Struggle Continues

Taken from Your Anon News

I'm sure all of you have known about this thing called SOPA and PIPA. I'm also sure that you have known about events happening lately, like blackout on 18th January 2012, Megaupload's death, hackers' attacking US Government, and stuffs like that. The moment I'm writing this, we have won towards SOPA and it's now officially dead.

But our struggle won't end here.

We still have PIPA. And don't forget that now Lamar Smith is making a new bill as SOPA's replacement called HR1981. The latest rumor I heard, they will also revive ACTA. Some of you may already heard about ACTA. It's just like SOPA, but worse. No, it's not an European SOPA. It's like SOPA and PIPA, but with larger supporter since it's supported by many countries like USA, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea, and Japan. It's even more dangerous than SOPA.

I'm sure we can stop all of them! We won with SOPA. Together, we can do many things, including beating all those sharing killer bills! Number does matter, if all netters gather, nothing can beat us =)

I know I may sound like a piracy loving human and I sound like I don't care about the original creators' rights. But that's not true. I know that the original creators deserve to be respected for all their works. Many people describe this "respect" by buying the original things. But how about some fans who can't afford to buy it? Think about it!

Not all people are rich. And sometimes, although you have a lot of money, you still can't buy the original ones because they're not available in your country (this happens very often with us, anime and manga otaku). The only escape to this unfortunate events is downloading the files you want on Internet. Internet is the only place where many people gather just to share some things they have without hoping for a return. Thanks to that people's kindness, we can enjoy free music, comics, doujin, and stuffs we can't afford or find in real world.

So, rather than complain about piracy and think about the negative sides, why don't we try to see the bright side? Sharing is caring. We can share through Internet and help other people. Isn't that nice? And downloading is actually a good way for a promotion. It's free and can reach many people. Sometimes, before buying the original ones, people download the files first and test whether it's good or not. Imagine if downloading is banned. People who can't afford to buy the original things won't be able to know whether it's good or not. Then the number of fans will decrease. That's not good, right? At least although they don't buy your original products, but they can be a nice way to promote =)

And I also hate the Internet censorship idea. It's just awful to censor the Internet. It's the only place where real freedom can be found. Don't destroy that. Censoring Internet is just the same as raping freedom.

So for Lamar Smith and US Government, please think wisely before you put your hand on the Internet. Some people may give their support but MANY people will go against you. Internet is not yours. There's no oil there so you can't destroy it like what you did to Middle East ^^
If you want to mess with the Internet, then you better stop calling your country "a free country". It's not free at all if the government want to make the Internet like a jail. You criticize China for censoring Internet and now what are you doing? You want to do something even worse than just censor the Internet. Maybe America has now changed into a hypocrite country?

If you want to fight against ACTA, you can take action by joining petition and groups. Follow @YourAnonNews on Twitter and they have a blog too. You can see the updates there! ^^

Petition I've found so far (thanks to my senpai!)

And you can show your support by censoring your profile picture in Facebook and Twitter in here →

If anyone has found another petition, you can share it too! ^^


  1. Dukung stop SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA dsb!!! Aku udah lama gak buka blog dan gak terlalu update di internet jadi baru tahu dan langsung shock!

    Dimana lagi dapet, nonton, dan tau lagu ost anime, vocaloid, game, manga, dan anime!!! *scream


  2. Mari bergabung lawan HR1981, ACTA, dan PIPA!!! >.<
    Kalo bareng-bareng pasti bisa! Buktinya SOPA aja dah kalah ^^

  3. Agreed, let's put an end to these and get our normal internet life back! :)