Monday, December 19, 2011

Nendoroid 170: Hatsune Miku Support Version

Yeah, another delayed Nendoroid review. I'm gonna post it now~~~ So... just like usual, let's take a peek on her box first.

The box design is of course different from the usual Vocaloid series box design. FYI, Nendoroid Miku Support Version isn't a part of Vocaloid series to begin with. It's actually a part of the charity products that GSC sells to help Japan from the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. The box design is quite cheerful, with flowers picture on it. What's special, the side, the top, and the bottom part of it don't display Nendoroid pictures as the usual ones. Instead, they use the Miku Support illustration. Cute ^^

Now, the container~~~

Aside from Nendoroid Miku Support, GSC also gave a decal for the Cheerful flag, a postcard (with illustrations from Piapro artists), a card of gratitude from GSC President, and a guidebook to play with your Miku (it's a leaflet actually, but a guide is still a guide).

So, this Miku comes with~~~
  • 1 Hatsune Miku body.
  • 4 face plates (1 attached).
  • Hachune Miku front hair.
  • 2 left arms (1 attached).
  • 1 right arm.
  • 4 left palms (1 attached).
  • 3 right palms (1 attached).
  • A pair of pompons.
  • A leek.
  • A flag.
  • A stand.
She comes with quite many parts to play with. Basically, this Nendoroid is an upgraded version of the original Miku version. The new things are the flag, pompons, and  the smiling expression. And for additional info, her hair color is slightly different from the original one. This one is more blueish while the original one is more greenish.

 The front look

 The back look

The side look

The default look is the smiling face with her pompons on. The pompons are filled with ball-joints so it can be moved freely. And the most special thing in Nendoroid Miku is the fact that she can stand without her stand. Ah, this Nendoroid of course uses the new styled stand which unfortunately makes a hole in her back. Sometimes I don't really like it but in the other hand I have to admit that this new stand is more stable than the old one.

 Miku with her flag

 More details of the flag

Special detail for Miku, a green ribbon is printed on her pants.

I'm quite pleased with the details. The paint is quite neat. The "Vocaloid" writing is neatly painted. Unfortunately the almost perfect detalis is ruined near her tie. There's a slight green paint on her gray shirt. Other details are fine, except that one. 

The other thing that bothers me is the smiling faceplate is somewhat too tight to pull. I'm worried that it might break. The other faceplates are fine, except that one. I don't know why. The lates released Nendoroid are said to have smaller size than the old ones. Maybe it has something wrong with that since this Miku is basically the upgraded ver. of the old one. I suggest you to be careful when you change her faceplate. Of course you don't want your beloved smiling Miku is broken, right?

Her pompons can be used with other Nendoroid too~~~!!!

About the price, I pre-ordered this one for IDR 575.000 (about ¥5750 or $57). The nowadays price has increased into IDR 600.000~IDR 700.000 (about ¥6000~¥ 7000 or $60~$70). Although she was said to be a limited products, you can still find here anywhere with various price. If you wanna buy her, better buy her ASAP before her price increase again.

For that amount of money, this Nendoroid is a worth buy one. You'll get many parts to play and a smiling Miku. The only minus things from this Nendoroid are the untidy paint near her tie and her smiling faceplate that is hard to pull out so you have to be extra careful with her. I don't recommend you to swap faceplates from the old released Nendoroid faceplates. It has a different size so there's a high possibility that the faceplate will get stuck in Miku's body. I have tried it myself and that happened. But all those minus sides have been covered with her cuteness and many parts. Just make sure you treat her carefully and enjoy playing with your Miku ^^

See you in next review! ^^

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