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IA again? I know that I already talked about her in this post, but I feel like I need to talk about her more since IA is one of my favorite Vocaloid3 besides Suzune Ring ^^

So IA is one of the upcoming Vocaloid3 from 1st PLACE, Inc. that will be released on 27th January 2011. Her voice provider is the famous singer, Lia. I bet most of you already know her from her songs used in AIR, Clannad, and Angel Beats!. Her voice range is from B2 to A4 while her tempo range is from 63 to 228 BPM. It means that her voice range is much larger than Hatsune Miku (but let's not compare IA and Miku because I think every Vocaloid has their own unique). I found her voice is calming and cute (aside that it's pretty similar with Lia's voice) and I think her cute voice matches her cute appearance ^^

Her character design is done by Akasaka Aka. I don't know much about this artist but I like IA character design. I love her pinkish long hair and her cute face (not to mention that for me she looks similar to uzuriha Inori in Guilty Crown ^^;).

IA is first introduced by this video. This video also explains her full name, IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-

First, Planetes is a word from Greek that means "wanderer". Yes, it's the original form of the word "Planet" that we know nowadays. "Wanderer" may refers to how the stars and planets revolve around the sun. Remember that ancient Greece people were very interested in astronomy things, many myths from Greece are related to astronomy.

AR is "Augmented Reality". I don't really know how to explain this one but to make this easy it's something that tries to bridge between the digital and real world interaction together.

Aria is a musical term refers to an expressive melody that sung by a singer. This term usually found in a opera.

What about IA? Well, I heard that IA may come from Lia's name without L ^^

From that terms, I conclude her name as IA, the melody that wanderer from the digital world to the real world. This is just my thoughts, anyone has other idea? ^^;

So far, there are some samples have been given to hear IA's singing sound. And aside from her samples, she's now happening in Nico Nico Douga as you may have heard that some of her songs are doing well in weekly Vocaloid Ranking. New songs using IA beta version have been released. Here are some of them.

freesia by Misoshiru-P (China Kenichi)

Yumemigokochi by Nio-P

meteo (IA cover by Jon-P)

Feel Happiness~birth~, a song by Vegemix Beats (katsu and Sumijun) featuring IA

IA also has an official Twitter account now. Follow it @IA_Project. There's also another account (that considered less important tweets) by a producer on @IA_Aria. There's also a Tumblr account that shares various artwork and some production photos. The Tumblr link is

Enjoy~~~ ^^

More about another Vocaloid3, click here. If you wanna add another info, feel free to leave a comment.

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