Friday, November 04, 2011

Black★Rock Shooter TV Anime Trailer and Staff Revealed

Regarding the up-coming Black★Rock Shooter anime, the official website has given the official trailer in the website since Thursday. The one minute and twenty two seconds trailer also gives us the staff list as given below:

Original Character Design: huke
Director: Yoshioka Shinobu
CG Battle Director: Imaishi Hiroyuki
Series Script Editor/Script: Okada Mari
Chief Animation Director/Animation Character Design: Yoshigaki Yusuke
Animation Production: Ordet/Sanzigen

The anime will begin airing in January 2012 in Fuji TV Noitamina. Here's the trailer:

The trailer features "Black★Rock Shooter" song which sung by Miku, but it is still unknown if they will use Miku's voice in this anime or not. And as you can see from the trailer, seems like the anime is a expanded version of the OAV. There will be Mato and Yomi there, but in a different style because they have change the design a bit, for example, B★RS is seen with her hood on and Dead Master is wearing glasses. Mato's and Yomi's hairstyle remains the same although Yomi's hair looks a bit different from the OAV.

Personal comments:

B★RS anime is one of many anime that I've been waiting for. But this time, this trailer is a bit disappointing me. First, I don't really like the new character design. I think that the OAV version is cuter better than this one. I prefer to see B★RS without her hood on (I just hope that she won't wear that for the entire series) and Dead Master without her glasses (c'mon, it doesn't suit her costume). 
And I don't know if it's just me or there's another person who thinks that the fighting scene is a bit dull? There's nothing special with it other than B★RS walks, trying to shoot Dead Master with her Rock Cannon. At least let her run or jump like she does in OAV! The battle scene isn't epic at all, it's very far from my expectation. So the conclusion is, yes, I prefer the OAV version. But I'm still hoping that this anime will be good.... So, let's just hope it won't be as dull as the trailer ;)

Source: Black★Rock Shooter Anime Official Website, Anime News Network.


  1. Iya~! aku lebih suka versi OAV-nya juga! Lebih cocok dan lebih keren gitu.....

  2. Beda animator sih kayaknya =="
    Beda jajaran staff juga....