Friday, November 04, 2011

Beware of Bootleg figma Hatsune Miku Append

First, BIG THANKS to my Australian friend, Konan, because she's the one who told me about this.

The title tells it all. Although figma Hatsune Miku Append Version was just released back then in August, there's bootlegs/fakes already. Beware of these bootlegs. Just like usual, don't get tempted by cheap price if you wanna buy a genuine one, choose a trustworthy seller, and the most important is to look carefully on the figure that you are willing to buy.

The bootleg looks like this....

Awful packaging.

 Bad body proportion, weird legs, wrong hair coloring.

Awful expression.

Compare that to the genuine one..... (Sorry I haven't done more photo session with my figma so I'll use old pics)

See the difference on body proportion, paint, and expression. There's so many difference between the genuine and the bootleg. For those who are new on collecting figma, be careful with bootlegs, like I said, never be tempted by cheap price, better seek for quality rather than a cheap price ^^

Image of bootlegs are taken from an ebay seller. The seller is honest though, since he/she already stated that the figma isn't genuine.

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