Friday, September 23, 2011

Vocaloid3: Megpoid (Gumi) Demo Song Revealed

 Finally after revealing the silhouettes, in NicoNama broadcast on 22th September, Noboru Murakami from Interner Co. Ltd has given demo songs and official illustrations for the upcoming Vocaloid3, Megpoid a.k.a Gumi.

During the NicoNama broadcast, the previous demo songs were also played and Dios/Signal-P was also there as a guest while motsu from m.o.v.e appeared as the host.

Here are the demo songs, the titles hasn't been revealed yet:
And here are the official illustrations, all done by Masami Yuuki who is also the character designer for the original Gumi.

 Gumi Adult

 Gumi Power

 Gumi Sweet

Gumi Whisper

Personal comments:
Ah~~~ love to hear Gumi's new voice banks! Power and Adult are my two favorites!!! Sweet voice bank is only a bit different from the original Gumi, it's just like a softer version of it in my opinion. But it still sounds good while Whisper voice bank sounds a bit weird for me =="
I mean, her singing voice is way too... hm... soft maybe? Just my opinions, though ^^;

Source: Vocaloidism, HatsuneMikuMiku

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