Thursday, August 04, 2011

Nendoroid 106: Black★Rock Shooter

Another Nendoroid review! Same as Luka, my little B★RS-chan hasn't had any proper review yet! So let's start it!

Nah, an overlook to her box first, as usual. If you think that B★RS is in the same series with Vocaloid, then you're at a big wrong because our little hero has her own series! The trademark for B★RS series is the checkered box. Her box is dominated with blue color, it indeed suits her!

Now let's move to the packaging!

 Besides the Nendoroid, you'll get a free DVD of B★RS OAV. It's region free, so don't worry, you can play it on any DVD player ^^

 A piece of manual about playing with B★RS. Although it's just a piece of paper, it's very useful!

She brings many parts to play with! Let's what are the things she brings!
  • 1 B★RS body.
  • 3 face plates (1 attached).
  • 1 extra front hair.
  • 1 extra bangs.
  • 1 extra robe part (for sitting pose).
  • A pair of sitting leg.
  • 1 extra leg (can be used for left and right).
  • 3 left hands (1 attached).
  • 3 right hands (1 attached).
  • 1 extra palm (to be attached to the Rock Cannon).
  • 1 Rock Cannon.
  • 1 Sword.
  • Stands.
  • 1 DVD
  • 1 manual leaflet.
Wow! That's a lot of part, right? Tell me if I missed something, okay? About the stand, you won't get only one stand! You'll get a stand for B★RS and for her Rock Cannon. Let me explain it with pictures!

 These are the stand parts!

This is how you plug the stand. The one which is attached to the back of the stand is for B★RS and the one attached onto the stand is for the Rock Cannon. It's also the matter of preferences, but this is how I usually plug them ^^;

This one is for the Rock Cannon! Plug the bottom part of it into the stand ^^

This is how I plug her into her stand. It's kinda hard to plug the stand, so be careful while you're doing than so you won't break anything in the process! ^^;

Now, time for reviewing her details, paint, and so on!

 The front look. Sometimes I wish her twin tails are as long as Miku's XD

The back look. Too bad we can't see her white star, it's covered by her stand! >.<

 Her body details. The paint is very neat!

 I don't know why, but mine has a little defect on her hair. I don't know if it's just mine or all of this Nendoroid are like this. But I like the blue gradation on her hair!

 B★RS wielding her sword....

Actually nothing is really special about the sword. It's a simple designed one, but still looks good on her.

Time for her Rock Cannon! XD

 The Rock Cannon. Same as the sword, it's simple, but this one gives more details ^^

B★RS sitting on her Rock Cannon.... (Looks like I failed to get a cool angle ORZ)

She looks cute with that face and front hair XD

 Too bad that actually her extra front hair doesn't fit well with her back hair! T_T

Time for conclusion.... Overall, B★RS is indeed a worthy collection for her series. First, she brings many parts to play with. Of course with all the parts given, you can make many poses you want, which is a very good point for a Nendoroid. Plus her stand is a new model one, it allows more movement than the old ones. Extra DVD is also a good point. Her price is also a standard one for a Nendoroid. For all those parts and DVD, she costs ¥3500. Not expensive, right? I myself bought her last year for IDR 400.000 (about $40 or ¥4000, but be careful, her price keeps increasing lately).

Unfortunately, there are some defects in this Nendoroid. For example, as you can see from above, mine has defects on her hair and B★RS' extra front hair doesn't fit well with her back hair due to the difference of shape. For the second one, it happens to all B★RS. But still, even will those defects, she's an adorable Nendoroid for all collectors! Let's just hope that next time GSC will improve ther quality so there will be no unfit parts! XDDD

B★RS after being reviewed. Are you tired, B★RS-chan? XD

That's all the review! Once again, sorry for the bad photos! I know I'm not good at taking angle and I know that I didn't take many pictures of her! I'll try harder next time! >.<

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