Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vocaloid3: Korean Vocaloid SeeU

Finally SBS Artech has announced their Korean Vocaloid design. Her character designer is KKUEM, a female Korean illustrator. No more chit-chat and here's her character and design details:

Character Details
Name: SV01 SeeU (シユ)
Age: 17
Height: 159cm/5’2.6″
Weight: 44.5kg/97.9lb
Genre: Korean Pop, Pop Ballad
Range: C3~C5
Tempo: 60~170BPM

DESIGN Details
- Her catears/nekomimi are speakers.
- Her neckband is a CD player.
- The blue buttons on her jacket are electrical switches.
- The button in the middle is the “pause” button.
- The ornamental panels on her shoes can light up and display soundwaves.

Here's her demo song:

SeeU's voice provider is Kim Tahi, a 17 years old female from a girl band, Glam. She will have both Korean and Japanese voice bank, with a possibility to pronounce English using the Korean voice bank. She is scheduled to be released in fall 2011 as Vocaloid3.

SBS Artech has opened a homepage for her and a twitter account for their Vocaloid. 2 events are already scheduled for her, as you can see from this tweet. Official Korean Vocaloid cafe has been opened too, it's titled "Daum Café, Republic of Vocaloid".

Visit these sites for further details (Korean):
-SBS Artech Official Site
-SeeU Official Homepage
-SBS Vocaloid Twitter Account

Source: Vocaloidism, Sankaku Complex.

Personal Comments:
Although I'm not a fan of Korean Culture, I must admit that KKUEM had tried hard to compete with Japanese Vocaloid. Long hair, neko-miki? Cute, I admit. But what makes me disappointed is her voice doesn't mix well with her appearance. She looks cute but her voice sounds like an ordinary Korean girl band member. It has no character in it. It sounds like a real person singing, sounds so natural, but if it has no character then I think it will be difficult to compete with Japanese Vocaloid. I know that most of Japanese Vocaloid sound robotic, including Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka. But all of them have their own character. Once you hear them, you can easily recognize them, right? You can say "This must be Miku!" in an instance. Something I don't experience when I hear her voice....
Well, this is my opinions though. People has their own taste, right? ;)

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