Saturday, July 09, 2011

More Samples for Gumi Extend

Yeah, after one week of no Internet connection, I'm finally back online now. And for the first post after a long time, I decided to look more about Gumi Extend then I managed to get more info and samples.

But before I give the samples, let's find out about this Extend! ^^

As you know, Gumi is the first Vocaloid from Internet Co. Ltd. to get Extend. And yes, Extend is just like Append in CFM Vocaloid. So there will be new voice banks applied to Gumi. So far, there are 4 voice banks that has been revealed: Power, Sweet, Whisper, and Adult. we have heard Power and Sweet and now it's time for Adult and Whisper!

By the way, for additional info, the second song is Tanabata Sama. Just in case you can't read the hiragana XD

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