Friday, June 10, 2011

Nendoroid Puchitto Rock Shooter: Support ver. Previewed by Mikatan

Finally, even before 11th June, GSC already announced their Cheerful Japan! product part 2 via Mikatan. Who is Puchitto Rock Shooter? Well, she is actually a game character in Nico Nico Douga made by GSC ^^
Just like other charity products, each purchasing will donate 1000 Yen to Japan Red Cross. This Nendoroid will be made by order, so if you do want her, make sure you don't miss her PO!

The Pre-order for sale in Japan will start from today at 11:00 AM to 27th June at 08:00 PM while for overseas buyers, it will start from 28th June at 11:00 AM to 7th July at 08:00 PM.

For further detail, please take a visit to Mikatan's Blog: English Version ^^

By the way, I think I'll skip this one. Well, she's cute an adorable with pom-pom and cheerleader costume but I think I can't afford her with my current situation so I'll force myself to think that BRS is enough for me T_T

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