Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hitoshizuku - STORIA Tracklist

STORIA is Hitoshizuku's latest album. Unlike Hitoshizukushi, the previous album, STORIA only contains 9 songs. Here's the tracklist:
  1. Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~
  2. Himitsu ~Shiro no Chikai~
  3. Amayumerou
  4. Koiyamirou
  5. soundless voice
  6. proof of life
  7. endless wedge
  8. Milkrown Rensa
  9. Yumezakura
I haven't found any download link yet. I'm very curious about track number 4: Koiyamirou (恋闇楼). Hitoshizuku already said that Koiyamirou is the sequel of Amayumerou. Since Suzunosuke had posted an illustration of it (I posted it in here), I think it will be interesting, so after Miku, Len finally ends up with Meiko in Koiyamirou? By the way, Koiyamirou itself means "Pillar of Dark Love" (or maybe could be translated as "House of Dark Love" since Amayumerou can be translated so. 楼 "rou" is used in Amayumerou and Koiyamirou). Hitoshizuku also said that there will be a video of it. I hope it's true, I can't wait to hear it and of course I can't wait to see the beautiful artwork of Suzunosuke ^^

Here's the preview of this album:

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