Saturday, January 15, 2011

Figma Luka Finally Here!

After I've been waiting for more than 3 months, figma Megurine Luka finally here! ^^
After I got home from my Japanese course, Luka had arrived in my home, soon after I arrived, my sis n I played with figma Luka and nendoroid Luka ^^

 Yay!!! >.<

 Figma Luka: wanna sing together?
Nendoroid Luka: rea, rea, really? *full of admiration* O.O

 Double Luka ^^

 Tako Luka: I wanna join this too! >.<

 Figma Luka: come here!

 Luka, you're so adorable! >.<

Tired after perform at the stage? ^^"
Wait, wait! IS THAT.....?!

Okay, okay, the last photo is my sis' idea, kinda ecchi, I know ^^"
We did it just for fun, since in Gugure Kasu (sung by Gakupo and Luka), Gakupo asks Luka what is the color of her underwear ^^"

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