Monday, December 06, 2010

Aku no Meshitsukai Manga Preview!

When I online on my Twitter account, I found this: AKU NO MESHITSUKAI MANGA PREVIEW!!!!! >.<
But because it's only a preview, IT'S ONLY 8 PAGES!!!! T_T
But thanks God, it's in English ^^

The art is by Nekoyama Miyao and it was released in November issue of ComicRush. By the way, in this comic there's an explaining why Len is a servant while his twin sister, Rin, is a princess =)

Download it here and read yourself ^^

More info, click here, it's ComicRush website, but it's in Japanese T_T

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  1. Kak, aku masukin url post kakak yg ini di post aku tentang manga ini juga, kalo bisa tolong liat juga ya!

    Makasih banyak kak!: )