Tuesday, January 01, 2013


First of all, Happy New Year to all of you. I actually wonder if there is someone who still read this blog.... OTL

Anyway, I decided to close this blog and (already) moved to Wordpress. I chose Wordpress for its light template ^^;

I actually already thought about this several times. I got some reasons why I finally decided to close this blog and make to another one.

First, I wrote too many topics in this blog and eventually, I ended up abandoning some topics. It's just lack of focus. Where does this blog go, I'm myself not sure. Back then in my childish time, I also posted some rants from my personal life. And I feel like it's all too messy.

Second, I often posted some download links in this blog. Let me remind this again, THE UPLOADER IS NOT ME. Some people commented about the broken link(s) and asked for a re-upload. I'm terribly sorry, but since I'm not the uploader, I can't help. This thing made me thought, too. I just posted links that I found. When the links are broken, I can't help at all. Well,  I think this blog is getting useless, am I right?

Third, I really want to make a blog that has a clear direction. What is it about, where does it go to, things like that. That's why I decided to make a new blog.

So, this is my last post in this blog. All things that I had written here are still precious for me so I WILL NOT delete this blog.

My new blog is on Wordpress and you can visit it here.

It will be about action figure reviews only. Currently, the blog is still empty due to some problems I'm having now. I hope I can start it soon :)

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  1. Happy Lunar New Year

    ... and thank you.