Friday, May 11, 2012

New Vocaloid3 MAYU Announced

More Vocaloid3 is coming. And yes, her name is MAYU and she was recently announced by EXIT TUNES in one of their live events, "EXIT TUNES ACADEMY" a few days ago.

Her character design is done by Hidari. You feel familiar with her design? It's because Hidari already made some illustrations for EXIT TUNES albums and Hidari also provided character design for FRACTALE and Natsuiro Kiseki.

According to her appearance (and some tweets mentioning her) she will be a yandere girl (just look carefully, she's holding an axe back there). And her rabbit plushie also got a name, it's Usano Mimi.

She also has an official site here.

About her voice, a video had been uploaded during the live event but later deleted by the developer. Later, EXIT TUNES stated an apology that said that currently MAYU's voice is being developed and doesn't really exists. You can find a demo at YouTube though.

Please note that currently MAYU's voice bank is still being developed so her voice that you are hearing is not the end result.


  1. Love the character design/concept. Indeed, her face looks like people from Fractale xD

    As for her voice, it's kind of mediocre.

    If GSC ever releases a MAYU nendoroid though.. I'm sold!

  2. Thanks for dropping here ^^

    I also think the same, that she looks like people from Fractale. I think it's because they have a same character designer ^^

    There's a possibility for a Nendoroid! ^^

    1. I think she'll get one eventually.
      She's totally my type (not the yandere personality, but the clothing and accessories xD Goth-Lolita <3 )

      I'm just patiently waiting for GUMI. I love her voice but I was never too fond of the character design though, unfortunately.