Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kalafina - to the beginning

Kalafina's latest single which is the second opening single for Fate/Zero Second Series. Nice song, as usual from Kalafina (and Kajiura Yuki). The lyrics suit the anime too. In my opinion, Kalafina's music style is something new to Fate Series which usually use pop musician (Tainaka Sachi, LiSA, Aoi Eir, etc.―Actually Kalafina can also be considered as pop musician, but they don't 100% stick with it) but of course this one is also a nice one.

Well, it's a single from Kalafina after all. Just when they can disappoint me? Never, I think.

Title: to the beginning
Artist: Kalafina
Released Date: 18th April 2012
Label: Sony Music Japan

  1. to the beginning
  2. Manten
  3. to the beginning -instrumental-

(Password: jpddl)

Credit goes to the uploader.

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  1. wow kalafina~
    i miss their song~ :3

    thanks for the link :D