Sunday, April 22, 2012

figma 082: Megurine Luka

Wait, wait?! figma Megurine Luka? Oh yes, the title is not wrong at all. I'm going to review my very first figma, Megurine Luka.

I should have posted this a long time ago but due to my laziness, finally I manage to post this now. Actually the pictures were taken long time ago ^^;

By the way, I'm in my day off mode so maybe I'll post some reviews again later.

Okay, let's just start the review~~~

As usual, I'll start with showing you the box and the packaging.

As you can see above, besides the standard design for Vocaloid series, Luka's box is wide yet actually she only brings a few accessories to play with. I totally agree that it would be better if Max Factory made her a double blister instead of a too wide box with few parts.

But well, whatever how the box is, what's important is in the inside~~~

Sorry for the additional pic, I forgot to take the stand part along with the rest of the parts xD

Anyway, sexy Luka comes with:
  • 2 face plates.
  • 5 right hands (1 attached).
  • 5 left hands (1 attached).
  • 1 Maguro (Tuna).
  • A mike set.
  • A stand.
  • figma bag.

She indeed didn't bring many parts to play with. But even with that few parts, Luka is still worth to buy due to her sexiness.

Now it's time to take a look at her!

 Front view

 Back view

Overall, she's quite easy to work with. Her upper body part can be moved freely. The problem is located on her long skirts that prevents her legs to move freely. Her balance is still very good though , as you can see, I didn't use the stand yet she can stand on her own feet :3

Well, there's a part that I like from her skirt though xD

Nice thigh~~~ I don't care if you call me a pervert but my Luka is too stunning! xD

Okay, okay, move to her details~~~

Her details are quite good. No paint bleeding. Her paint is done neatly, even on the small parts like her boots and her headphone. Her skirt details are also done neatly. 

Overall, although she didn't come with many parts, I'm quite satisfied with her. First, Luka is indeed stunning. Second, her details are good. So I think Luka is very worth to buy especially for Vocaloid fans. If I should give her a score, I'll give her 8/10. I would give her 10/10 if Max gave her more parts :P

Anyway, that's all the review. I know this one sucks. It's been A VERY long time since the last time I reviewed something and now I forgot how to do it orz

I'll try harder next time ;A;

Thanks for reading, btw ^^

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