Friday, March 09, 2012


There are some announcements about changes in this blog ^^

First, I'm currently very busy with my school activities so yes, now I'm in semi-hiatus mode. I will make a blog post when I have time though. After National Exam is over, I'll be back to normal mode ^^;

Second, after a quite long consideration, I decided to move all the entries about my daily life from here to Wordpress (my current blog about daily life is So from now on, this blog will be about Vocaloid, anime, manga, and Japan only.

Third, I changed the header! The old one was an illustration by Rahwia. I felt bad for using the picture without proper permission so I decided to be more original and used my own picture. I hope you like it ^^;

That's all for today. Next week I'll be having more try outs which means I can go home earlier from school. I'll try to update this blog if I'm not busy!

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