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Fate/Prototype is the original version of Fate/stay night before it was completely redone into Fate/stay night. It's like a draft or the original concept of Fate/stay night. It was written by Kinoko Nasu when he was in high school. Fate/Prototype comes as a 12 minutes OAV that included in the limited 3rd season Blu-Ray package of Carnival Phantasm.

So unlike the Fate/stay night that we already know, in Fate/Prototype, the Saber class servant is a male (but his real identity is still King Arthur since his weapon is Excalibur). His master is Sajyo Ayaka. Actually Sayaka didn't want to join in the Holy Grail War although her background as a descent of a magus family really suits her as a master (and she also has the ability to do magic). She doesn't want to get involved in Holy Grail War because both his father and his sister (who was also a master) were killed in that war. But somehow she was attacked by Lancer and accidentally becomes a master, a situation that forces her to join Holy Grail War.

 Sajyo Ayaka


 Ayaka's meeting with Saber

 Archer who already looks alike to Gilgamesh =P

Is it just me or he really looks like Cornelius Alba from Kara no Kyoukai?

I almost forgot this, the cast and staff:

  • Saber (male): Sakurai Takahiro
  • Sajyo Ayaka (Saber’s master): Hanazawa Kana
  • Archer: Nakamura Yuichi
  • Lancer: Nakai Kazuya
  • Reirokan Misaya (Lancer’s master): Saito Chiwa
  • Rider: Miyano Mamoru
  • Rider’s Master: Ogata Megumi
  • Original Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Screenplay: Uezu Makoto
  • Original character design: Takeuchi Takashi
  • Music: Takanashi Yasuharu

Another interesting part is in Prototype, the masters are also divided into 7 classes. Here are they:
  • The Seventh - Princes
  • The Sixth - Powers 
  • The Fifth - Virtues
  • The Fourth - Dominions
  • The Third - Thrones
  • The Second - Cherubim
  • absence - VOIL

And the symbol that marks them as a master is completely different to the symbols in FSN. It has a more complicated design (that shaped like wings)~~~ For example like these~~~

Overall, Fate/Prototype is clear enough as Fate/stay night's concept. I just downloaded it and I don't know whether the video is kinda broken or the OAV is really kinda messy. The voice and the scene doesn't match but well, actually you don't need sub to understand this because it's simply a draft.

I like the master symbols in here but overall, I'm glad that it just ended up as a concept because personally I prefer Fate/stay night. A male knight and a princess to protect is just too mainstream maybe *slapped*
But seriously, I prefer FSN. Fate/Prototype's storyline and characters are somehow kinda boring. The original concept about the masters, servants, and Holy Grail War are amazing but somehow it's too normal maybe? The male Saber isn't as stunning as the female one... I mean, what's with that prince charming attitude towards Ayaka? It's just too mainstream.... I'm so amazed that they managed to fix this draft into the legendary Fate/stay night. Nice concept and they managed to make it epic ^^

Download it here. (The sub is a bit messy, the voice and the scene don't match. I don't know whether it's really messy like that or the video's quality is bad. But it quite satisfy my curiosity towards this OAV ^^;)

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