Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mikupa 2011 Live in Sapporo

First, sorry for the damn late post... My modem is having errors and I can't use it for gathering info. Nah, now let's just see about this concert!

Mikupa? Yup, after Mikupa 2011 Live in Tokyo, 5pb once again takes it place and hold a Mikupa in Sapporo. The overall concert will be the same as Mikupa Live in Tokyo, which means you'll get the same songs and choreography. Some of you might have been thinking that you'll see another giant black box on the stage, but thanks God, at least you'll get a good news now: THERE WILL BE A TRANSPARENT SCREEN AND A GLASS PROJECTOR, JUST LIKE IN MIKUNOPOLIS!!!!! Yeah!!! At least that 5pb has realized their mistake!

Oh, another good news, the concert will be last for two days: from 16th August 2011 (today) to 17th August 2011. But sadly, THERE WILL BE NO LIVE STREAMING ON NICO NICO DOUGA! T_T

Instead of giving us a free live streaming, they hold a live viewing party which means, you can view this concert from another theater. So far as I know, there will be 15 theaters in Japan that hold the live viewing party and some theaters in Hongkong and Taiwan are available too.

And about ticketing, all tickets had been sold out. The ticket price is ¥5390 in Sapporo and ¥2500 for the live viewing streaming. From the tickets sales, they'll donate some of it to help Japan relief effort! And for those who watch this in Sapporo, you'll get a Sakura Miku charm, just like the one in Mikupa Live in Tokyo!

Here's the information about the concert, to summarize this post:

Concert Title: Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011 39's LIVE IN SAPPORO
Organizer: 5pb
Location: 札幌市教育文化会館 (Sapporo-shi Kyouiku Bunka Kaikan/Sapporo Education and Culture Hall). Official Site, click here.
Date and Time: 16th August 2011 - Open from 5:00 PM, Start: 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM), 17th August 2011 - Open from 03:00 PM, Start: 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM)
Ticket Price: ¥5390 (in Sapporo, free a Sakura Miku charm), ¥2500 (live viewing party). There will be funds to donate for helping Japan relief effort.
Ticket Status: SOLD OUT

And as usual, there will be some goods that sold in Mikupa 2011. For example, let's take a peek to Good Smile Company's booth at the concert:

As you can see, GSC sells some of their goods there. They also display some products that hasn't been released yet, such as Nendoroid Miku Append, Nendoroid Meiko, and Nendoroid Kagamine Rin & Len: Cheerful ver.

To see what other goods GSC sells at the event, click here. For more info, visit their official site and view their Twitter! ^^

P.S: Although I know there will be no live streaming, yet I still hope someone will post this on YouTube! T__T

Source: Mikupa Live in Sapporo Official Site, VocaloidOtaku.net, Nendonesia.


  1. hmm, I can't find any download links for this concert... did you find it, Stella-san?

  2. I didn't find it too. It wasn't streamed on Nico Nico Douga so the concert couldn't be grabbed and uploaded on YouTube T_T