Saturday, August 20, 2011

Be A Good Customer, Please.

Hm... it's been a while since I ever wrote something like this. Today, I'll blog about the thing of being a customer. Nowadays, even sellers are often confused on dealing with troublesome customers. Like yesterday, one of an online shop owner even made a note in facebook due to his customers who cancelled their orders without even noticed him. Sure it troubles him because he already paid the thing but hiss customers ran away and didn't pay it. He even said that there was a newbie customers who ordered 10 action figures and successfully ran away when one of his/her order came. What an irresponsible customer....

Sure you don't wanna be like that bad bad bad customer, right? Before you think about finding a good and kind seller, first you have to be a good and responsible customer.

One, this is the most important thing: please consider clearly before you decide to purchase something. Consider your financial, your parents reaction, your needs, and so on. Consider it really, really careful (especially about your financial). If you're not sure you can afford it, then you better don't. If you force yourself to buy something that actually you can't afford, you'll end up in two ways: you cancel it or you use the back way to get it. From most cases that I've seen, the first option is often chosen and voila! You have become such an irresponsible customer. If you use the second option, er... dunno. If you do something bad like stealing other people's money, then it's your business with your own life. So, always consider the risks before doing something!

Second, always give the shop owners notifications on any changes you've made. For example, you changed your phone number or address. Let them know so they won't have any difficulties in contacting you. And if you wanna cancel an order, tell them immediately before it's too late. Don't just run away when the thing has arrived. Actually the best way is: don't order something you can't afford. But sometimes, there are some cases when the situation is very very emergency until the situation itself forces you to use your money on something else (ex: suddenly you got an accident and ended up in a hospital =P).

Third, don't give shop owners promises, just give them a proof. I heard that many customers tell the shop owners that they'll pay their order soon. But the reality says the different thing. They never pay. Oh come on~~~ Just pay soon and confirm it! You have no time? I myself have no time to pay some bills. What I do to deal with that? Just contact the shop owner and ask permission to pay late. Simple way. You got no money? Argh~~~ like I said, never purchase something you can't afford!

Fourth, don't be a wishy-washy customer. A fickle customer is troublesome. Don't cancel orders then order again, then cancel again, then order again and so on. Decide what you want the most!

Hm... four things already. I'm running out of idea, but I hope that will help a bit. The main idea is actually this one: consider clearly, beware of your finance. Actually, all those problems come from a fickle mind and financial problems. Irresponsible customer didn't think carefully when they wanna order something, so they end up running away. So, make your mind first, don't just order without thinking about your finance! This is the main problem!

That's all I know. If you wanna add something, just tell me and I'll gladly listen to it! =)

By the way, I don't make this post to teach other or act like Ms. Know-It-All. But actually, I myself feel a bit bothered if I meet such a person (er... personal experience).