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Hatsune Miku - Nemurase Hime no Okurimono -Gift-

Illustration by 壱加

After Chrono Story, finally mothy a.k.a Akuno-P has released another 7 Deadly Series song. This one is Miku's song and the sin that reflected here is Acedia (Sloth, or can be translated as Despair). The title, Nemurase Hime kara no Okurimono -Gift- (眠らせ姫からの贈り物) means "The Gift from Princess who Brought Sleep".

Personally, I like this song, although I wasn't very fond of it at the very first time. But mothy's songs are always awesome, including this one. The more I listen to it, the more addicted I become. Now I like this song. The melody is quite ear-catchy and easy-listening. But as always, the story is also "wow".

The story takes place in Elphegort. So yes, it has some relation to Aku no Monogatari, but not too close. The only relation I see between those two series is the location and the presence of Goumillia (Gumi) and Elluka Clockworker (Luka). But there's no Gumi's or Luka's voice in this song, just a dialogue between them in the end of the video.

Since the story takes place in Elphegort, please note that Miku isn't Michaela here. Miku takes role as Margarita, while Kaito as Marquis Blankenheim. Looks like Margarita and Marquis Blankenheim were childhood friends, but then they married because of "political reason". Actually, the only reason why the Marquis married Margarita was because she was the daughter of a wealthy doctor. So, actually he just went after her money. But although Margarita knew that, she still loved him dearly. After their marriage, margarita saw her husband who was blinded by money and lust seemed to be stressed out every day. So, Margarita learned from his friend, Julia (Meiko), that there was a "medicine" that would help her husband to sleep. Margarita simply thought that "sleeping" would erase all problems. So he gave the "medicine" to her husband. She also gave that to her parents and everyone in the town whom she looked as "everyone who has worries". The "medicine" was not a real medicine after all. It was a poison. Margarita finally killed herself with the poison after she killed everyone in the town.

In the end of the video, there's a dialogue between Gumillia and Elluka. From the dialogue, we can learn that both of them knew about Julia. Plus, Elluka told Gumillia that they needed to know more about "Pere Noel", the organization (or community) that seemed to be behind all of that. Then they both headed to Lucifenia. As you all already know, Lucifenia is Rillianne's (Rin) kingdom. That's why I assume that this story has a relation to Aku no Monogatari.

By the way, at first I didn't realize why such a song becomes a song of "Acedia". But now I understand why. Maybe it's because in the story, Margarita was too lazy to deal with her problems. She chose death instead of struggling to get happiness. Perhaps that's why this song is Acedia song; Margarita was too lazy to get her own happiness.

And a little additional info, it is mentioned in the song that "Gift" in Germany can be translated as "Poison". First, I checked it on Google Translate but I found that "Gift" in Germany still means "Gift". But actually, In Germany, there's really a word "Gift" than can be translated into "Poison". A lot of thanks to Anonymous who left a comment and made it clear! ^^

Nemurase Hime kara no Okurimono -Gift-

Vocal: Hatsune Miku
Composer: mothy

(Lyrics in aqua and green isn't sung in the song)


gift (Eigo)
1. okurimono, zouyobutsu; kizouhin
2. ( tokubetsu no nouryoku; umaretsuki no sainou
3. (ei ryakushiki) wariyasuhin; youi ni dekiru shigoto

"saa nemurinasai..."

nemurinasai kono gift de
yoku nemureru kono gift de
watashi wa sou nemurase-hime
anata no shiawase no tame ni...

~ E.C.609 Toragay-city Elphegort ~

seiryaku no hate kimerareta kon'in
sore de mo anata o aishita
yoku ni oboreru munou na asobinin
dakedo mae kara suki datta

isha no musume no zaisan dake meate
betsu ni sore de mo shiawase yo
osanai koro no yakusoku mo wasurete
ii no anata no soba ni irarereba

fuan na jousho nayamu anata ni
totemo ii kusuri ga aru no yo
yoi yume ga mireru kara tsukareta mi iyaseru wa
watashi kara no purezento

nemurinasai kono gift de
yoku nemureru kono gift de
watashi wa sou nemurase-hime
anata no shiawase no tame ni...

Burankenhaimu koushaku to no kekkon.
tsukitsukerareru genjitsu.
nayameru Marugariita.
yuujin no Juria kara oshierareta
yasuragi no kusuri "gift" no seisei houhou.
kanojo wa otto ni "gift" o tewatasu.
"yoku nemureru kusuri" da to itte...

dare mo ga nayami kakaete iru no yo
chichi mo haha mo machi no hitotachi mo
yoru ni nemurenu minna no tame ni
gift o tsukuru nemureru kusuri

iya na genjitsu kanawanu omoi
yume no naka nara wasurerareru wa
yurikago no naka akago no you ni
me o tojita mama yudanenasai

[Bura]nkenhaimu koushaku, shikyo
isha no Ferikusu shi, kitoku jou[tai]
[byou]in de 24-mei shibou. gen'in wa [fumei]
[To]ragei no kibyou soudou, shuusoku
[?] no haigo ni hanzai soshiki "Peerunoeru" no kage?
Erufegooto seifu, Furiijisu[-tei] chousa o irai ka?
[Ake]ido, Toragei aida no tsuukou o kinshi
Furiijisu zaidan, chousadan o Toragei ni haken
[Torage]i, kaimetsu joutai.

gift (Eigo)
1. okurimono, zouyobutsu; kizouhin
2. ( tokubetsu no nouryoku; umaretsuki no sainou
3. (ei ryakushiki) wariyasuhin; youi ni dekiru shigoto

gift (Doitsugo)
doku, dokuyaku, gekiyaku

watashi no gift o minna ga nonde
shiawase ni natta minna ga minna
tada hitori nemurenu watashi wa kawari ni
jiyuu to zai o eta

nemurinasai kono gift de
yoku nemureru kono gift de
watashi wa sou nemurase-hime
kibou o motometa onna...

o-kazari no dooru no you ni
riyou sareru dake no hibi ni
mou tokku ni kowarete ita
subete o kowashitakatta no

totemo yoku kiku kusuri na no
towa ni nemureru hodo ni yoku kiku no
kore de youyaku watashi mo nemureru
nemurase-hime kara nemuri-hime ni...

shi no machi to kashita Toragei.
Marugariita wa sude ni kairaku satsujinsha to
narihatete ita.
sore wa kanojo no kyouguu yue ka,
aruiwa ano onna no sennou no sei na no ka...
Marugariita no jisatsu ni yotte,
shinsou wa yami no naka e...

"hidoi arisama ne"
"omatase, shimashita"
"otsukaresama. de, dou datta?"
"hai, utsuwa wa, sude ni, mochisarareta ato no, you de..."
"sore kara, konkai no ken, yahari ano onna...Juria ga, kakawatte iru you desu"
"Peerunoeru...fukaku shirabete miru hitsuyou ga arisou ne"
"ikimashou, Guumiria. Rushifenia e."
"hai, wakarimashita, Eruruka"


gift (English)
1. present, donation; charity
2. (sb's) special skill; an innate talent
3. (British colloquial) something cheap; an easy task

"It's time for you to sleep..."

Please sleep with this gift of mine.
You can sleep well with this gift of mine.
Yes, I am Princess Sandman who brings eternal repose,
just so that you can be happy forever...

~ E.C.609 Toragay-city Elphegort ~

Although it was a politically-motivated marriage,
I nevertheless loved you.
You're an good-for-nothing player drowned in your lust,
but I actually loved you from long ago.

You are merely after the wealth of a doctor's daughter,
and even that's fine by me.
You've forgotten our promise made when we were little,
and that's fine, too, as long as I get to stay by your side.

I can bear no longer to watch you stressed out everyday,
so let me give you a really good medicine.
It will give you sweet dreams, and recuperate your worn body.
It's a present from me.

Please sleep with this medicine (gift) of mine.
You can sleep well with this medicine (gift) of mine.
Yes, I am Princess Sandman who brings eternal repose,
just so that you can be happy forever...

Upon marrying Marquis Blankenheim,
She finally felt the weight of reality.
Just when Margarita was feeling troubled,
her friend Julia taught her
how to refine a "gift" medicine of repose.
Margarita gave the "gift" to her husband,
claiming that it was a powerful sleep medicine...

Everyone has some kind of worries,
including my father, my mother, and everyone in the town.
For the sake of everyone who's insomnic at night,
I will make a sleep medicine as my gift to them.

As soon as you're plunged into your dreams,
you can forget your cruel reality and unrequited thoughts.
In your crib, just like a little baby,
close your eyes, and let go of everything.

Marquis Blankenheim, passed away.
Doctor Felix, in critical condition.
24 dead in the hospital, cause unknown.
Toragay is plunged into panic by the mysterious sickness.
Behind the scene is the criminal organization Pere Noel (Father Christmas)?
Will the Elphegort government entrust the investigation to the Freesis house?
The traffic between the capital (Acade?) and Toragay is now cut off.
The Freesis Foundation and its investigation team head out for Toragay.
Toragay is already in a state of ruins.

gift (English)
1. present, donation; charity
2. (sb's) special skill; an innate talent
3. (British colloquial) something cheap; an easy task

gift (German)
poison, bane, deadly poison

Everyone after drinking my gift
has become happy, every single one.
I, the only one not sleeping, in their stead,
have obtained freedom and wealth.

Please sleep with this poison (gift) of mine.
You can sleep well with this poison (gift) of mine.
Yes, I am Princess Sandman who brings eternal repose,
a woman seeking after hope...

In those days when I was used
like a decorative doll,
I was already broken a long time ago,
so I wanted to destroy all.

It's a very powerful medicine.
Its effect will stay in you forever.
Now it is finally time for me to sleep.
I'll now change from Princess Sandman to Sleeping Beauty...

Toragay turned into a ghost town.
Margarita became a total psychopath
who took pleasure in killing others.
Was it caused by her own circumstances,
or because she had been brainwashed by that woman...?
After Margarita committed suicide,
she took the truth together with her into the darkness...

"What a terrible sight."
"I apologize for making you wait."
"Thank you for the hard work. How was it?"
"It seems that the vessel has already been taken away..."
"I see..."
"And this incident most definitely is related to that woman Julia."
"I guess we'll need to look deeper into this Pere Noel."
"Let's go, Goumilia, to Lucifenia."
"Yes, Elluka."

Translated and transliterated by animeyay.

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  1. Thanks for the romaji~ Also, in regards to your confusion about 'gift' in German meaning gift, there is a German word 'gift' which in English means poison/venom/toxin.

  2. You're welcome and thank you very much for the information! >.<

  3. Hello! I´ve stumbled upon your blog while looking up information on mothy.I am a fan of his work but due to my limited knowledge of japanese language I have only been able to use youtube to find information about it. Thanks to your blog I was able to fill in the gaps in my interpretation of his songs. Even though I dont agree with you on all points I am grateful to you,and it is okay as mothy said interpetations can vary from person to person :) Regarding your confusion about the "Sloth" in this song, it is hard as Sloth is probably the most controversial sin, it has many different interpretations from simple lazyness to plain cowardice. I think Sloth is represented in this song this way : When listening to the song you can her that in the first half she sings "Although it was a politically-motivated marriage,
    *I nevertheless loved you*" the part wich I put in these * is sung in a different pitch thán the other words. The lines "and even that's fine by me " and "and that's fine, too, as long as I get to stay by your side" are sung in that pitch too.I think this is her just ignoring her sorrows like saying "Oh thats fine I dont mind" ven though she does mind a lot. She ignored her sadness and anger wich build up in her heart until she couldnt take it anymore. But instead of facing life she corwardly chose death for her, and all the other people, so that she could aquire peace withut any harships. But thats just what I believe.And yes Gift does mean poison in german,in fatc it is the oly word for pison we have (i am german) From now on I will check out your blog once in a while as you have quite some interesting stuff here :D

  4. Thank you for visiting mu blog! ^^

    I agree with you thaty Sloth is the most controversial sin. And I actually also realize that Margarita actually didn't feel comfortable with her life in this part, "In those days when I was used like a decorative doll. I was already broken a long time ago so I wanted to destroy all."
    But I prefer to interpretate that she was lazy to get happiness because she picked a shorcut to erase her despair ^^;

    And thanks a lot for your info about "Gift" in Germany! ^^

  5. Really awesome, I am extremely happy to seen this anime and wanna a copy of this. Although I have some another toys that I collected from PIJ I’m excited! I’m going to have these in week!