Thursday, May 26, 2011

There will be Megurine Luka Scale Figure?

I just found this when I visited Good Smile Company website in Japanese. I thought both Japanese and English site has the exact same information, but actually no. The information is more detail in the Japanese site. And I found this when I click Sculptor's Try Out Banner:

 Megurine Luka pre-painted master figure?!!!
Sculptor: 亀谷秀
Yup, surprising, right? We all know that among Vocaloid CV, Luka isn't as "booming" as Miku or Kagamine Twins (they didn't give her any costume in 2010 and 2011 concert! T_T). As a fan of Luka I will be glad if GSC will make this figure in the figure! ^^
And if I could give a suggestion, I wanna say, "Give Luka a more stunning pose!!!" XDDDD

And by the way, there's more Vocaloid scale figure on that page (dominated by Miku as always), here they are!

 Miku with her leek.

This one reminds me of Miku Lat-type. Or maybe another version? XD
Those Miku figure's sculptors are different from Luka's ^^
To see more just do a visit to Sculptor's Try Out!!! There's Dead Master and BRS, too!!!! ^^

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